Police Say Cryptopia Can Reopen – Will Anyone Go Back?

New Zealand Police have announced that hacked crypto exchange Cryptopia can reopen for business “whenever they like”, but the site remains closed, prompting doubts that they ever will. Even if they did, whether anyone would trust the exchange given the myriad problems it has experienced over the years is debatable.

Green Light Given

The news of the exchange being able to re-open was broken Wednesday when


Bitcoin Cash – Three Months on, Can We Finally Crown a Winner?

It’s been three months since Bitcoin Cash underwent the most contentious hard fork since the one that brought about its own creation back in 2017. Weeks of jibes, insults and boasts between Bitcoin ABC and Bitcoin SV founders led to a fascinating battle to determine who would be able to rustle up the requisite mining power to be declared the ‘winner’.

JPMorgan-to-Test-Proprietary-Cryptocurrency-JPM-Coin (1)

JPMorgan to Test Proprietary Cryptocurrency ‘JPM Coin’

JPMorgan Chase, headed by noted Bitcoin critic Jamie Dimon, shocked the cryptocurrency world Thursday by announcing that it was launching its own cryptocurrency, JPM Coin.


Two New Firms Sign up to RippleNet for Global Payments Corridor

Ripple is dead set on becoming the largest distributed ledger technology (DLT) company operating in the crypto space by partnering with leading banks and forex providers. In a bid to keep growing and expanding this network, Ripple has signed UAE Exchange and


Union Bank of Philippines Launches Two Crypto ATMs

When a country’s largest bank announces it will be launching crypto ATMs, you know something big is going down. The Union Bank of Philippines has announced that it will be unveiling two new crypto ATMs and that it has the blessing of the country’s central bank. This could spark a wave of mass adoption in the Philippines, as citizens can easily get their hands on crypto when they make a trip to the bank.


Ripple Axes its Chief Marketing Strategist, Blames Crypto Winter

Ripple’s marketing adventure has been a bit of a clusterfuck in the last few years, with it receiving more negative press than positive. In what comes as a shock move, Ripple has decided to part ways with its chief marketing strategist Cory Johnson. Johnson spearheaded almost every marketing campaign Ripple has embarked on in the past several years, and he has even spoken with the White House in a bid to secure Trump’s support. Ripple and the ever-loyal Ripple followers are blaming the move on the


The Hackers’ Latest Trick? Fake Photo ID

Cryptocurrency scammers show no signs of letting up in the bear market, adapting their tactics instead to find new ways of stealing funds. The latest trick involves using manipulated user photographs to trick two-factor authentication (2FA) reset procedures with the theory of getting into a user’s account.


Which Tokens Should You Buy Your Loved One This Valentine’s Day?

Valentine’s Day is traditionally a day where marketing departments scratch their heads and work out how to make drills, printer ink, and faster broadband romantic. If you were met by an unimpressed glare first thing this morning, as you realized the event had passed you by, here are some ideas for tokens you can send that special someone to show just how much you love them.

Our Crypto Valentine’s Selection Box

Token: Aeternity (AE)
Price: $0.39
Purpose: Scalable smart contracts interfacing with real-world data.


QuadrigaCX Mistakenly Sent 103 BTC Into an Inaccessible Wallet

QuadrigaCX creditors received more bad news this week when it was revealed that someone at the exchange inadvertently sent 103 BTC, worth $350,000 at the time, into one of the cold wallets that have been inaccessible since the death of the founder Gerald Cotten. The revelation came to light as part of an


IBM Tests Blockchain Tech to Track Usage of Underground Water

IBM has been teaming up with companies and governments all around the world to implement blockchain solutions for a variety of uses. This time around, IBM has teamed up with SweetSense and the Fresh Water Trust in a bid to track the usage of underground water reserves in California.