More Than $1 Million Lost by EOS dApps in Five Months

When it comes to successful blockchain networks, dApps help to drive popularity. The Ethereum Network kicked off the dApp trend with killer dApps like Crypto Kitties and Ethlance. Since then, other blockchain networks have followed suit and created their own dApp ecosystems.

Unfortunately, the dApps published on these other networks aren’t all as secure or well vetted when compared with those on the Ethereum Network.


Crypto Losses Could Save You a Fortune Come Tax Time

Thousands of people around the globe are sat watching the crypto markets spiral deeper and deeper into the red, along with their crypto investments. For many, this is a worrying and scary time, but there is a silver lining – you just have to think outside the box. The losses you have incurred during this bear market can be used to lower the taxes you have to pay come tax season, meaning you could potentially make your losses back in tax savings.


Bitmain Shuts Down its Israel Office

Bitmain has been looking worse for wear for a number of months. Things now appear to be going from bad to worse for the Chinese crypto mining hardware manufacturer. The company is facing two high-profile legal battles, as well as a decline in sales in North America following a hike on import taxes of Chinese goods.


Sirin Labs is in Serious Financial Trouble… Allegedly

The makers of the world’s first blockchain mobile telephone look like they could be in some serious financial trouble. In an interview with Bloomberg, Moshe Hogeg – Sirin Labs CEO – said that it only has enough money to run for around six to twelve months following the price collapse of Ethereum.


Cointext and Bitcoin Cash Buddy Up to Offer SMS Transactions

Bitcoin Cash has taken a big step towards putting the hashing war dispute behind it by teaming up with CoinText, a cryptocurrency wallet that allows users to send digital assets to each other via text message. This means that Bitcoin Cash can now be sent to anyone with a mobile phone capable of handling SMS text messages, which is essentially any phone produced in the last twenty years.


Maduro: Venezuela Will Only Accept Petro for Oil Payments

Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro has announced that payments for all oil exports will eventually only be payable via the nation’s cryptocurrency, the Petro, further fueling concerns about the economic prospects of the already financially ravaged country.


You’ll Soon be Able to Send XRP Using Siri on your iPhone

If you are an XRP holder and have an iPhone, you might want to be careful what you say around Siri. XRP developers have created a Siri integration that will allow Apple product users to command Siri to send XRP to just about anyone loaded into your phone contacts. This could prove problematic for any XRP fans who lose their phone or become rather talkative after a few drinks on the weekend.

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KFC Now Accepts Cryptocurrency Payments in Venezuela

Colonel Sanders and his KFC franchise in Venezuela now accept DASH as a method of payment. It decided to make the move after most citizens migrated to the cryptocurrency following the bolivar being devalued to unheard of levels. It’s even reached the point where a loaf of bread has to be bought with a wheelbarrow of cash, while the government even created an app to help calculate the number of zeroes required for transactions.


VALR Launches South Africa’s Largest Range of Tradeable Cryptos

South Africa is starting to sink its teeth into the world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. VALR has just launched and promises to be South Africa’s biggest and most robust crypto exchange. With more than 50 cryptocurrency pairs available, VLAR boasts the largest range of tradable crypto pairs in the country and it’s planning on adding a whole lot more very soon.


Dash Project Could be on the Verge of “Complete Chaos”

Dash, once a top 5 coin with an $11.5 billion market cap, can now no longer afford to fund community projects or pay employee salaries if a prediction made all the way back in August has held true. The prediction, made by Dash user SavingPrivateDash, was part of