Ethereum Upgrade Delayed Following Security Flaw

Ethereum developers faced almost as difficult a Tuesday evening as Theresa May, when blockchain research group ChainSecurity uncovered a “reentrancy attack” exploit within the Constantinople code, forcing them to delay the upgrade that was just days away. According to the ChainSecurity, the attack would have allowed a malicious actor to steal funds from someone with whom they engaged in a smart contract on the platform.


Irish Court Rules Ethereum Can Be Considered Proceeds of Crime

An Irish court has come out and ruled that any Ethereum purchased from illegally obtained funds can now be considered proceeds of crime. Bitcoin has been considered proceeds of crime for a number of years and this most notably came to rise during the Silk Road case.


Weiss Ratings: Ethereum and EOS are Better Than Tron

Weiss, the cryptocurrency ratings agency, has replied to a provocative message from Tron head Justin Sun by stating in no uncertain terms that they don’t agree with his assessment of Tron’s capabilities.


Ethereum Constantinople Almost Ready to Launch

Ethereum’s much-anticipated Constantinople upgrade, which aims to ease the transition from Proof-of-Work (PoW) to a more energy efficient Proof-of-Stake (PoS) consensus algorithm, should go live in January 2019, according to a decision taken at a development meeting last week. Implementation of the upgrade has been proposed for block 7,080,000 which will occur around the middle of January, but needs approval from Ethereum’s community members first.


Justin Sun Offers to “Rescue” Ethereum and EOS Developers

Tron supremo Justin Sun has stoked the fires of the blockchain platform wars by offering to “rescue” EOS and Ethereum developers from the “collapse of their platforms”, as long as they move their creations to his platform. The timing behind this ‘offer’ don’t seem to be immediately apparent, but given that


An Introduction to Ethereum

Ethereum is arguably the second-best known cryptocurrency after Bitcoin, and for good reason. A pioneering project dreamt up by a man with a taste for unicorn t-shirts, it is the bedrock on which hundreds of cryptocurrency projects have been built and the one that really brought the theory of smart contracts into reality.

Ethereum’s Origins

Those with a technical mind will tell you that the


Does Vitalik Buterin Have the Strongest Hands in Crypto?

Vitalik Buterin may be able to lay claim to having some of the strongest hands in crypto, after it emerged that the recent drop in the price of Ethereum to the verge of double digits accelerated his losses this year to $464 million. The Ethereum founder has, by and large,


Pure Bit Goes Up in Smoke and Takes 13,000 ETH With it

Unfortunately, another ICO scam has finally burst into flames and exited with a lot of investor money. Pure Bit is a South Korean crypto exchange and it ran an ICO in secret – due to the fact ICOs are illegal in South Korea.

Pure Bit operated anonymously, with its website registered to a fake name and social media accounts accessed by fake profiles.


Teacher in China Fired for Mining Ethereum

Everyone wants to get their hands on cryptos right now, and some people are willing to go to extra lengths to do so. A teacher in China went as far as installing his own mining machines in a school to mine Ethereum. Allegedly, the teacher had been mining cryptos at home, but his power bills were negating the profits he was making. This led him to concoct the brilliant plan of moving his kit into his school and using their electricity.


Ex-Google CEO Eric Schmidt calls Ethereum “Underrated”

Ethereum received support from a surprising but welcome source this week, when it emerged that former Google CEO Eric Schmidt recently labeled the project “underrated” in its technical use. Schmidt, who stepped down from this role at Google in 2011, was discussing the future of technology at an event hosted by venture capital firm Village Global in September, and when the subject of blockchain came up