Are You Looking at Cryptocurrencies All Wrong?

This might seem like an odd question and a weird way to look at things, but you would be surprised at just how many people hold large investments in cryptocurrencies and don’t fully understand them. We want to clear the air a bit, especially after the turbulent end of week and weekend following the Bitcoin Cash hard fork.


Bitcoin – A History of the Future (Part 3)

Bitcoin has turned 10 and with the anniversary of its launch, we’ve been looking back at the cryptocurrency’s vibrant and somewhat controversial history. While it’s journey to become a powerful financial force has encompassed several bumps in the road, the best was yet to come – along with an almighty fall.

Part 3: 2015-2018

By fall 2015, many thought Bitcoin had finally had its day.


Bitcoin – A History of the Future (Part 2)

Read Bitcoin – A History of the Future Part 1 if you haven’t yet, and find out what drove the creation of Bitcoin, how it found a home in the underworld, and who labeled it dead at $2.

Bitcoin’s arrival ushered in a new financial product that millions simply couldn’t get enough of.


Bitcoin – A History of the Future (Part 1)

Bitcoin is the talk of the financial world, as it threatens the very existence of the current banking sector. Given its revolutionary nature, it’s worth looking to back at what has made the world’s leading cryptocurrency such a hot topic.

Part 1: 2008-2012

It’s October 31, 2008. Halloween is in full swing, but a different kind of horror is playing out in neighborhoods all around the world.


Back to Basics – Buying Cryptocurrencies

We recently ran a post looking at the different ways Maltese citizens can buy cryptos and we got some great feedback – people wanted to learn more. Buying cryptocurrencies for the first time can be a daunting process, largely as there are so many different ways to do so. Once you start dipping your feet into the crypto trading world it becomes less intimidating and you will soon be trading with ease.



Back to Basics – How to Protect Yourself from Cryptojackings

Cryptojacking has become an alarmingly common practice as crypto fever has swept across the world. More users are now at risk from this potentially costly style of attack than ever before. With attackers developing new scripts, a lot of anti-virus scanners are struggling to keep up the pace in protecting unsuspecting crypto enthusiasts.


Back to Basics – The Litecoin Mining Process

Last week we dug into the history of Litecoin and explained the cryptocurrency’s rather interesting heritage. There are many unique elements that make Litecoin the successful cryptocurrency it is today. Today we are going to take a look at one of those – the mining process. Mining is at the core of every decentralized cryptocurrency and many believe that if a coin isn’t mineable, then it’s simply not up to par.


Back to Basics – The Bitcoin Mining Process

The Bitcoin world has a lot of hidden moving parts to ensure it continues working, with a lot of us taking this for granted. One of the most overlooked parts of Bitcoin is the mining process and just how vital it is to the cryptocurrency. Mining provides the network foundations through its decentralized structure and it’s this structure that keeps Bitcoin so safe.


Back to Basics – The History of Litecoin

Last week we brought you an introduction to Litecoin, but to fully understand the potential of this early cryptocurrency, we need to take a look at its history. Labeled “Digital Silver”, it is built using a very similar framework to Bitcoin – in fact it was actually a fork of Bitcoin at the very start. With a handful of tweaks, changes, and new protocols, Litecoin is proving itself to be a worthy advisory to Bitcoin in 2018.


Back to Basics – The History of Bitcoin

Bitcoin continues to make headlines thanks to its sensational gains and ever-evolving technology. According to CoinMap, there are nearly 13,000 merchants accepting Bitcoin worldwide. Some say Bitcoin – and the crypto world in general – is very difficult to understand.