How to Buy Crypto at BitStarz

Want to top up your crypto wallet, but aren’t sure how to go about it? Or perhaps you just want to get the ball rolling and get your hands on your very first Bitcoin, you can now do so at BitStarz – and it’s so easy!

Choose Moonpay

When you want to buy Bitcoin and other cryptos at BitStarz, simply click on the “Buy Crypto” button when you’re on the deposit page or widget.

Once you’ve clicked this, you’ll be taken to a screen that requests you fill in a few details, and if it’s your first time buying Bitcoin and other cryptos through BitStarz, then you’ll need to confirm your email and complete KYC.

Why? Simply put, we’re using a 3rd party service to provide this, so you’ll need to complete their KYC process in order to buy Bitcoin and other cryptos through them, just as if you went to a crypto exchange and tried to buy crypto there.

Verify email

During the email confirmation process you will receive a four digit code in your inbox that you will need to enter in the MoonPay sign up form.

Email code

During the KYC process you will need to provide MoonPay with a selfie, don’t worry the image is not stored when the process is completed - it’s only to prove you’re actually you. The process can be done only on a mobile device so if you’re using a desktop computer you will need to scan a QR code or click a link at the bottom of the screen to receive an SMS message with a link.

Continue on the phone

Once you’ve filled in all of the information and completed KYC, you can pop in your Visa/MasterCard debit/credit card details, or Apple/Google Pay and purchase – it’s as easy as that.

Your shiny new crypto will arrive in your BitStarz wallet in a couple of minutes, so go make yourself a cup of coffee while the transaction makes its way into your account!

Got some questions? Check out this buying crypto FAQ!

What is MoonPay?

MoonPay is a 3rd party cryptocurrency exchange that BitStarz has partnered with in order to allow you to buy Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash and other cryptocurrencies quickly, easily and conveniently.

How Long Do Deposits Take?

When you buy crypto through MoonPay, the crypto will be deposited to your BitStarz account. Once the payment has been confirmed, the crypto will be in your account within a couple of minutes.

On occasions where there’s high blockchain activity, deposits may take a little longer than usual. This is beyond our control, but rest assured that your deposit will be in a blockchain mempool and will be processed as soon as the miners clear the transaction backlog.

Why Do I Have to Complete KYC All Over Again?

We understand that registering a second time and completing KYC for a second time can be frustrating, and we’ve done our utmost to partner with a 3rd party provider that makes this process as quick and easy as possible for you.

You need to register and complete KYC for a second time as this time you’re completing it with MoonPay, the 3rd party exchange we’ve partnered with. In order for MoonPay to be able to offer this service, they need to be able to verify you and your funds.

What Payment Options Are Available?

Not everyone wants to pay the same way, and we totally get that. This is a huge part of the reason we’ve chosen MoonPay as they allow an unparalleled number of foat payment gateways to be used. You can opt to pay using your Visa/MasterCard, Google Pay. Apple Pay or Samsung Pay.

Country restrictions may apply.

What are the Fees Like?

When you buy Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency, there are usually fees associated with it. MoonPay charges a 4.5% fee (min. EUR3,99). Presently, we do not add anything on top of this, meaning the only fees you pay are directly to MoonPay. We’re working our hardest to keep this fee as low as possible for our customers.

What Information Does The Registration and KYC Process Need?

Depending on where you’re currently located, the documents required will differ. Generally, MoonPay will ask you for your email address, cell phone number, a photo of a government issued ID and a selfie, but sometimes MoonPay will ask you for more information.

If you comply with MoonPay’s requirements and upload the best quality photos you can, you’ll speed through the registration process in a matter of minutes.

What are your supported countries, states and territories?

MoonPay is a 3rd party service provider, even though you might be able to enjoy thousands of games here at Bitstarz it doesn’t mean you will be able to use MoonPay. You can check if your country is supported over here.

Still have questions? Reach out to our live support heroes who will be happy to assist you and answer any questions that you may have about buying crypto at BitStarz!