Lightning Roulette Slot Review

It’s one thing to sit at your computer and play roulette, but nothing beats the excitement of taking part in a live game. It’s the little things like watching that ball do it's tour of duty around the wheel and hearing the dealer say, “No more bets” that give you those butterflies as you wait for the outcome.

Now you can have all of the thrills without worrying about annoyances like finding parking and dealing with obnoxious people – it’s just the best of both worlds rolled into one.

Lightning Roulette from Evolution is the most fun you can have with your pants on. Any maybe even off… who am I to judge?

Let’s take the game for a spin and see what happens.


Check it out! Lightning Roulette happens on a fantastic set where the wheel takes center stage on a raised platform. A snazzily-dressed croupier/presenter is on hand to walk us through the gameplay.

Behind him, you’ll see the table layout or specific numbers that crackle with lightning bolts. The way the game works is that lightning randomly strikes 1 to 5 numbers during every game. These will pay out anything from 50x to 500x!

At the bottom of the screen is a permanent table so you can always keep track of things, and that’s also where you place your bets. Bets range from €1 to €500 and the multiplier is 500x. Oh, also, you’ll also find some French Roulette neighbor options.

Splits, corners, and outside bets come in at standard odds. Winning straight-up bets in numbers that weren’t struck by lightning will pay 30x. The game’s RTP runs from 97.10% for straight-up bets to 97.30% for all other bets.

As for playing on a mobile phone, you can totally do that! Despite the much smaller real estate, the software makes provision for this and brings the relevant aspects into view (or out, as the case may be).


As soon as a round begins, you’ll see a timer appear. That lets you know how long you have before the betting closes.

The dealer will now pull on a lever, which is positioned to the side of the stage. This triggers the lightning feature. This selects the lucky numbers for that round and if it comes up as a winner, you’ll get those super payouts that I mentioned earlier.


The game played perfectly, even on mobile devices.


What an exciting way to play roulette! The added feature of the lightning strikes gives it a little something unique, and of course, the chance to win even more money. Having the gameplay out live takes the excitement levels up to 10, and being able to do this on the go – well, who would’ve thought?

Game details

Software: Evolution
Game Type: Table Games
RTP: 97.10% (straight-up bets) – 97.30% (all other bets)
Exposure: 250,000

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