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How to Play

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Claiming Your Daily Jackpot Spins

Step 1 - Log In Daily: Make sure you log into your BitStarz account every day for your daily chance to win a Jackpot - for free!

Step 2 - Receive J$: Each day, you get special credits called J$ (Jackpotz Dollars).

Step 3 - Convert J$ into Spins: These J$ automatically turn into Daily Jackpot Spins.

Step 4 - Play for Jackpots and Prizes: Use your Jackpot Spins to try and win two big progressive jackpots as well as climb the $25,000 JPM Race leaderboard for a shot at 1,000 prizes.

Use Them or Lose Them: Remember, these spins expire after 24 hours. Don’t miss out on your free chance to win the Jackpots!

In Jackpotz Mania, there are three statuses;

INACTIVE is the default status where you get the basic chance of hitting the Jackpots.

ACTIVE is the premium status that will unlock all premium features and significantly increase your chances.

VIP is basically the God tier where you’ll receive real exclusive rewards and total access.

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Playing Your Daily Jackpot Spins

Ah, the section you’ve been waiting for. So, your Jackpotz Dollars have been converted into Jackpot Spins and you’re probably wondering what to do now. So let’s break down the next steps.

Choose Your Game: Start by picking one of the available games. Every day you play you’ll unlock a new one, and every week we’ll swap the oldest game with a fresh one!

Pick Your Bet: If you’ve got INACTIVE status your bet amount is set by default, unless it’s your first time playing or after your 7th day. As an ACTIVE or VIP player however, you can choose from two higher bet options each time you play.

Aim for the Jackpot: Each Jackpot has a win target amount. Your objective here is to play your Jackpot Spins and try to get the winnings from these to match the specific target. If you manage to do that, then you’ve just hit the Jackpot!

JPM Race: Even if you didn’t win the jackpot, your efforts were not in vain! All the winnings from your Jackpot Spins goes towards climbing the leaderboard in our monthly $25,000 JPM Race. Worth mentioning here is that only ACTIVE players can win prizes in the races, so don’t miss out!

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ACTIVE/INACTIVE/VIP Statuses Explained

Now when we’ve covered the Daily Jackpot Spins and how to use them, let’s break down the different statuses mentioned above.

INACTIVE Status: This is where you're at if you haven't deposited any money, or if your wagering in the past month is less than $1,000 (or its equivalent in your currency). As an INACTIVE player, you can still play, but your chances of winning are significantly lower compared to an ACTIVE or a VIP.

ACTIVE Status: Now, this is where things get interesting. If you've made at least one deposit and wagered a minimum of $1,000 in the past month, you're considered ACTIVE. This status unlocks a bunch of cool perks like eligibility for JPM Race prizes, more Daily Jackpot Spins, higher bets for the Jackpot Spins, Jackpot Boosters, JPM Rakeback, and an extra J$ bonus if you hit a Jackpot.

VIP Status: This is the elite level where players enjoy the best perks. You get there by BitStarz’s invitation only.

Your JPM status at BitStarz updates in real time, based on your depositing and wagering over the last 30 days.

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JPM Rakeback Explained

The JPM Rakeback is an additional way for you to get some extra J$, simply by playing your favorite games for real money at BitStarz. We’ll explain how it works here below (which may result in some math class flashbacks).

Basically, the JPM Rakeback is calculated based on how much you wager (bet) with real money at BitStarz in a single day, and Return to Player (RTP) of the games played.

You’ll receive 50% of the house edge in Rakeback for every dollar you wager. As an example, let’s say you’ve wagered $1,000 on a slot game with an RTP of 96.00%. The house edge in this case is therefore 4% (100.00 - 96.00 = 4.00).

Now, if you apply that to your wagered amount, you can see that the house edge in dollars would be 4% out of the $1,000 which is $40. As mentioned above, you’ll receive 50% of the house edge in Rakeback the next day, which in this case would mean 50% of $40. With some quick math, it means you’ll get J$20 in Rakeback.

Here’s the more complicated formula of the above if you’re a math PhD or Rainman.

JPM Rakeback = 0.5 * ((100 - game RTP)%) * (real money wager).

The Rakeback is combined with the Jackpotz Dollars you receive for logging in each day, and are then converted into Daily Jackpot Spins. The amount of JPM Rakeback you can turn into Daily Jackpot Spins depends on your JPM status - if you're ACTIVE, you can convert up to J$400; and if you're VIP, you can convert up to J$4,000. Sadly, INACTIVE players are not eligible for Rakeback.

Oh, if you’ve earned more Rakeback than the above stated limits, don’t worry. Any excess Rakeback goes directly towards your JPM Race balance to improve your position on the leaderboard.

PS: Be sure to claim your Rakeback and spins within 24 hours, or they expire. Don’t miss out!

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JPM Jackpots Explained

Next deep-dive (and probably the most interesting part of JPM), the two Jackpots! Let’s explore.

Use Your Daily Jackpot Spins: Without these you can’t hit the Jackpots. Think of it as your free daily ticket to hit a lottery Jackpot.

Hit the Jackpot Target Number: Each Jackpot has a specific win target amount. To win the Jackpot, your total winnings from the Daily Jackpot Spins needs to match this specific target. Let’s say the target amount is J$333, the accumulated win amount from your Daily Jackpot Spins needs to match that number.

Kindly note that the jackpot hit target is live, which means, it could change if another player hits the jackpot in the meantime. Applies to both Minor and Mega Jackpots.

Boost Your Chances: If hitting the target sounds impossible, you’ll really want to look into the Boosters. With these you no longer have to hit the specific target amount, but rather an interval adjacent to the target (or radius if you will).

Example: Let's say you're going for the Minor Jackpot with a target of J$333 and a Jackpot Booster of J$1. Instead of only hitting the Jackpot if you win J$333, you can now hit it by winning any amount within the J$332 to J$334 range!

Basically, the target amount has become an interval based on the Jackpot Booster amount (J$1 up and down from the target amount in this case).

When you win a jackpot, the prize is immediately added as cash prize with 1x wagering requirement. But that’s not all, you’ll also get J$1,000 for the Minor and J$10,000 for the Mega Jackpot added to your Race Balance. Woho!

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JPM Race Explained

The $25,000 JPM Race is like a monthly leaderboard tournament, based on how much J$ you’ve earned during each Race. It starts on the first day of every month and ends at 02:00 (CEST/CET) on the first day of the next month.

You’ll earn J$ by using your Daily Jackpot Spins, where the total win amount from those is automatically added to your JPM Race Balance. In addition to that you can also earn J$ with Rakeback, or by using the JPM Gamble Feature. As for Rakeback, any amount above J$400 for ACTIVE or J$4,000 for VIPS is automatically added to your Race Balance.

The JPM Race is not like a traditional Race where only 3 people get prizes. Here, we’re giving out 1,000 each month! Obviously, the higher you are on the leaderboard, the bigger the prize, but there’s a lot of prices to go around.

1st place gets $5,000, 2nd place gets $2,500, 3rd place gets $1,000, and there’s a lot more cash prizes and free spins all the way down to the 1,000th place. These are real money prizes where the bonus amounts come with 10x wager and winnings from free spins come with 40x wager.

Every JPM player is automatically part of the Races, but in order to win one of the 1,000 prizes you have to be an ACTIVE player. So, make sure you deposit once and bet at least $1,000 in the last 30 days to not miss out!

If for some reason your status changes to INACTIVE, no need to panic. Your current JPM Race balance will continue to grow with your Daily Jackpot Spins, but you won't be able to claim any prizes until you're back to ACTIVE status. In other words, be sure to achieve it before the current JPM Race ends.

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JPM Jackpot Boosters Explained

Jackpot Boosters might seem a bit tricky, but they're here to make things easier for you. To win a Jackpot, you need to hit a specific jackpot target amount, such as J$333. That can be tough, right? Well, that's where Jackpot Boosters come in. Instead of hitting that exact number, the Booster gives you a range. Let's say your Booster is $10, and the target is J$333. With the Booster, you only need to win an amount between J$323 and J$343 to hit the Jackpot!

Getting a Jackpot Booster is simple. Just keep your status as an ACTIVE or VIP player and you'll automatically unlock Minor and Mega Jackpot Boosters. Just FYI, these boosters greatly increase your odds of hitting those JPM Jackpots!

The Minor Jackpot Booster has a fixed value that doesn't change. It's all about boosting your chances of hitting that Minor Jackpot.

Now, the Mega Jackpot Booster starts with a certain value but increases every two weeks. It's designed to improve your chances of hitting the Mega Jackpot.

Every week, the Jackpot keeps growing, and thanks to those progressive boosters, it's getting easier to strike it big. Add in some JPM Rakeback, and voilá, you’re on your way to a big win!

To make things even more simple, your current Jackpot Booster is automatically applied to the jackpot targets, so no need to do any math.

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JPM Gamble Feature Explained

To use the JPM Gamble feature, click the GAMBLE button after you've finished your Daily Jackpot Spins. It works on a “Double or Nothing” principle where you’ll double your winnings after each game round won.

The Gamble feature has some limits. You can gamble up to 4 levels or until you reach J$1,000 in winnings, whichever comes first. For instance, if you start gambling a J$100 win, you can gamble up to 3 levels or J$800. If you start gambling a J$50 win, you can gamble all the way up to 4 levels or J$800.

To ensure fairness in the Gamble feature, we use the Provably Fair method. It allows you to test and confirm that each game result is entirely random and hasn't been tampered with. It relies on cryptographic hashing. For more details, click on the "PROVABLY FAIR" button when you're on the gambling screen.

Gambling does not contribute towards reaching the jackpot hit target.

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