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7up Slot Review

When people think of 7up, they rightfully think of the famous soft drink. Putting plenty of pep in your step, it’s safe to say that the 7up name is now going to be known for more than just a lemon-lime flavored drink. Coming directly from the team at Endorphina, 7up is a game that takes direct inspiration from the one-armed-bandits of yesteryear.

7up isn’t the first game to take inspiration from our favorite slots of years gone by, and it won’t be the last. This game is effectively running the gauntlet with all the other old-school slot games, but does 7up have the leg up over the competition? As the following review explains, the jury is still out on that if you ask us.


There is a true retro-revival taking place in the world of online slots right now, as players are flocking towards games that keep the gameplay strictly streamlined. 7up fits this billing, as it delivers just 3 reels and 5 paylines, with the entire gameplay setup being easy to move through. Sadly, the easy to use nature of 7up proves to be part of its major problem. Covering all paylines costs between 5 coins and 50 coins, but you don’t exactly have a wealth of options at hand.

Paying out for triples, the prizes in 7up are solid but unspectacular. Topping the paytable is the double 7s, which can payout up to 7,700 coins. The stars are next up, awarding up to 2,000 coins. In all honesty, the prizes in 7up tend to sink from there, dropping down to 770 coins, 500 coins, 400 coins, 350 coins, 300 coins, 250 coins, and finally – for the oranges – 200 coins. All things considered, 7up has a pretty bland base game that doesn’t do much to stand out.


This is where 7up is able to differentiate itself from the wealth of other classic slots, as it counteracts the base game with its own selection of bonus features. Leading the charge for this Endorphina release is the 7up bonus game. Unlocked by finding 9 of the same symbol on the reels, when you’re able to break through into the bonus round you are given 7 chances to snag a 7x multiplier.

7up also slides a gamble feature into the mix, but this shouldn’t come as much of a surprise. Through this you can double your payout, by guessing what color card will emerge from the deck next. Again, the bonus features in 7up aren’t exactly innovative or groundbreaking, buts it’s rare for any classic slots game to have bonus features at all, so this does give it something of any edge.

Max Win

7up doesn’t exactly jump off the screen, so its max win is pretty unexpected. We were pretty surprised to find that Endorphina has backed 7up with a six-figure jackpot, coming in at an extremely healthy 100,000 coins. For what effectively is small-sized offering, this top prize is a real showstopper.


For a 3-reel game, 7up actually looks pretty good – much better than we expected it to look anyway. All symbols come about in doubles – two oranges, two 7s, two stars, and so on – so you are guaranteed plenty of color as the reels spin. The game also carries some pretty smooth animations, which means that it lends itself well to the mobile stage. It’s hardly a thrill-a-minute affair by any stretch, but for a classic game the design of 7up more than lives up to the billing.


Endorphina has rolled out a game with classic intentions this time around, as 7up does what it can with 3 reels and 5 paylines. Its sheer nature means that it’s limited on the action front, while the game doesn’t exactly help itself with its bland gameplay. The bonus features and jackpot do go a long way to save the day though, as it gives 7up a little extra zip. Overall, 7up might be a largely hit or miss affair, but it’s still a pretty solid outing from Endorphina that’s certainly still worth a look!

Slot Details

Software: Endorphina
Game Type: Classic Slots
Paylines: 5
Reels: 3
RTP: 96%
Special: 7x Multiplier
Progressive: No
Free Spins: No
Max Win: 100,000 coins

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BitStarz, award-winning Bitcoin Casino