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Magic Wheel Slot Review

When I think of Magic Wheel, I think of Twister. That old board game. The only wheel in the world that has ever given men the chance to get right on top of women in public, without it being weird. Like seriously, you have guys who are a solid 2 out of 10 pressed against women who are solid 11s out of 10, hip to ass. No wheel is as magical to me as twister, although Magic Wheel by Evoplaydoes come close with its own big wins.


A 3 wheel instant slot game.

A wheel of fortune-style game bringing you progressive prizes. The game does not use traditional symbols in any way, instead, 3 rows of wheels increase in volume and value as they move outwards from the center. It all starts with setting your bet amount.

Bet settings can be found in the lower right and left-hand corners, whereas the game controls and information are located in the screen's lower-left corner.


The feature we decided to highlight is the next level symbol. When you spin the wheel, one of the symbols you can land on is the next level symbol which is 2 symbols big in the first spin. The next level symbol will move you onto the 2nd level of the wheel.

Unique Features

This whole game is the definition of unique in the gambling industry right now, but we do love that the concept is based on your bet being multiplied by the symbol position you land on. The wheel is filled with multipliers from x0 to x35; whichever you land on is what your bet will be multiplied by.


High-performance game with good synced animations. Basic graphics but a great color palette. A decent game overall.

Max Coin

The max coin win in this instant slot is x35.


Want to feel like you're a contestant in a game of luck? Well, we have the game for you. Magic wheel is the best combination of gambling and gaming, allowing you to win and have fun. The concept is pretty simple, but there is an element of excitement with every spin as you work your way to x35. Even the purple-lit spinning dots that sync with your spin are a great way of adding to the experience. The game may not be complex, but the developers clearly put a lot of thought into user experience. Play it for yourself and give us your thoughts.

Slot details

Software: Evoplay
Game Type: Video Slots
RTP: 96.0%
Max Coin Win: x35

Published by:
BitStarz, award-winning Bitcoin Casino