Penalty Series Slot Review

Yeah, I can’t say I was ever talented at sports. It was all about academics in my family – which I sucked at anyway. And who was going to throw sh*tloads of money at a wanna-be Renaissance Man? Not much call for that since… well, the Renaissance.

If you were one of those sporty dudes who were into soccer (or football, as some might call it), at some point, I’d bet you fantasized about living that Ronaldo lifestyle – the jet ’planes, the pneumatic babes, the Ferraris.

But what if you had two left feet like me? Or maybe that 20-a-day habit’s got you gasping like a pervert on a sex line chat? If you thought your dreams of becoming a footie gazillionaire were dashed on the rocks, think again.

Thanks to Evoplay Penalty Series slot, you too could make a fortune by dribbling and playing with balls.


You start this game by picking the country you wanna play for. Then, you’ll need to select some side bets, or if that’s not your thing, then just hit the CANCEL button.

I must point out that the side bet panel is seriously tiny. To see anything, I had to make my browser go full screen on my 28” monitor.

Happily, if you’re playing on a mobile phone and holding it vertically, the side bets menu is surfaced in a drop-down at the top. This means it fills your screen. Held horizontally, the menu is on the left, which also works well.

So ironically, it’s better to experience the side bet thing on a phone than on a laptop!

You’ll find the side bet settings at the top. Then below are 6 options – 3 for attack, and 3 for defense. You’ll need to select either Goad/Save or Miss/Goal.

Now choose a bet for the main game and you’re ready to become the next Maradona! Erm, preferably without the Bolivian Marching Powder habit, of course.

When you’re ready to do your thing, you’ll see 3 options. You can place the ball on either side of the goalie, or above his head. Once you’ve made your choice, the software does its thing and you either score a goal, or you don’t.

Then the roles get reversed and you’re the goalkeeper. Same thing now – select where you think the striker’s gonna put the ball and hope for the best.

For every round you get right, you’ll see the multiplier at the top get incrementally bigger. Choose wrong, and it all gets reset.

I managed to guess all 6 of mine correctly and scored a nice win! Left feet I may have, but mouse pointing skills I have up the wazoo!

You can change your allegiances at any point by toggling the button with 2 flags on the left of the screen.

And that’s all there is to it.


This game has no features, other than the side bet hustle and the multiplier.


Penalty Series slot worked really well.

Max Win

While it may not buy you the soccer superstar lifestyle, €180,000 ain’t nothing to sneeze at.


This is some cool sh*t, I have to say. Even for those of us who aren’t nuts about sport, it’s still a lot of fun.

The RTP comes in at a decent 96%, and the multiplier is 2,400x. This game has a low volatility (haven’t come across one of these for a while), and bet limits run from €1.00 to €75.

So that RTP and that low volatility make it an excellent option for some entertainment, and frequent, low-paying wins.

My only concern is: would you be able to play this game for an extended period of time? The novelty has to wear off at some point, because of the constant repetition.

Still, it’s worth checking out. And who knows? Maybe you find out you’ve got talent when it comes to balls. Many have forged careers on far less!

Slot details

Software: Evoplay
Game Type: Video Slots
RTP: 96%
Bonus Round: No
Progressive: No
Free Spins: No
Max Win: €180,000

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