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Baccarat Review

There comes a phase in your life where choosing alcohol and working 24/7 doesn't resonate anymore. Where you open your world up to ocean swims and card games, reading and walking, hiking and art museums, films and bubble baths. Especially the card games, you begin desiring them every gap you have and with all this newfound practice comes newfound proficiency. Joy finds its way into your life again, laughter is the soundtrack to your day, and all you want is to play Baccarat in every way. The obsession is growing wider, taller, more profound, and 5 years down the line, it's your profession. You never thought you'd see the day where work is playtime, dreams come true, and Mascot are here to deliver you their version of Baccarat. So buckle up and showcase your skills.

Game Play

Your max win is €900, with an RTP of 98.90%.

Baccarat is played with 52 pack cards x8. You're aiming to predict which hand is the strongest between you and Dealer, or if it's a tie. The cards get shuffled before every round is played.

Both the Dealer and you get 2-3 cards. The 3rd one is being dealt with based on the rules, and if your hand is closed to a particular number 9 you win. If it's equal, you, of course, draw.

The value of each hand is the sum of the values of cards in it, and the cards 2-9 will count as face value. Whereas the Kings, Queens, Jacks and Tens count as 0 and Aces are 1. If the hand value is 10 or surpasses it, 10 gets deducted.

If the players or Banker gets 8-9, this is natural, and the cards stop being dealt. And if neither two parties have 8-9, this is when the 3rd card comes in. If the player's hand is 0-5, the 3rd card gets dealt. If the player picks up the 3rd card, the value of the card and the Banker's hand will determine if the 3rd card is drawn.

You set a bet between 0.20-50.


It's as simple of a design as you can get, with a beautiful teal coloured board and pink/blue chips. If you're a Baccarat fan, you'll enjoy the minimalism of this game. It's a neat design for perfect concentration and fast playing. Although Baccarat strengthens the brain and has it working, I'm not a fan. I prefer action-packed, visually explosive, creative scenes with diverse musical productions and colours. And with my preference aside, this online version ran thanks to quality technology smoothly. Mascot Gaming has landed itself a sophisticated game and is not the recipient of criticism today.

Max Coin

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The great news about this game is that it isn't going anywhere and could even become your new playing board. Who wouldn't want to play in an atmosphere of tranquil elegance? It activates your ability to focus and land the wins you came here for.

Card Game details

Software: Mascot
Game Type: Table Games
RTP: 98.90%
Max Win: €900

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