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Slot Wars
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Ending in 163 h : 44 m : 38 s
1 nicknone 1652.85
2 yellow3 514.32
3 Ellibsmith 345.95
4 Xwin558 294.36
5 redtugaPT 255.02
6 klfan 231.96
7 VanPoei 185.68
8 Taker 181.97
9 jorgo 172.40
10 Mitchie12 172.10
11 Spartanlord375 166.94
12 eagle 160.73
13 fortart 143.15
14 Kwright 136.40
15 kehol85 133.53
16 TORCATO 120.25
17 ktlv80 109.31
18 CANADAMAN99 103.10
19 Dterra90 94.72
20 btoxizx24 94.22
21 bitgirl 93.75
22 topolm797 90.83
23 btcflip 87.92
24 ckirbee 87.80
25 vuffer 85.62
26 MVP 84.65
27 drossano 82.71
28 ncurtis 81.60
29 alkaloids 77.20
30 Melzys 76.58
31 MAOCAH 73.63
32 Getthurr 71.08
33 Rocketrod 69.48
34 angel20 67.19
35 billybass123 66.54
36 Tony.Stark 63.20
37 tanhay 62.71
38 Junez 60.19
39 Gregums77 59.72
40 Kebby88 59.18
41 WilliamTheThird 57.35
42 ddossya 56.32
43 wsasdba 54.32
44 4skinz 53.64
45 Mamareni 53.58
46 kakanpupu 52.75
47 nicecash88 46.88
48 Gmiceli3412 46.78
49 dagbjg 46.06
50 FrankCZ 45.42

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If you’re a fan of Slot Wars, you’re going to love our brand new tournament concept called Extra Wars!

What is extra wars? Well, it’s quite simple. The tournament structure is pretty much the same as Slot Wars. You wager money on our slots and climb a leaderboard to hopefully win a nice prize. Sounds easy enough?

What’s changed here is that the race only lasts for 3 days with a prize pool of €1,000 for each (but we’re running the promotion continuously) and that we have picked a specific game provider to play each month! This giving you the chance to try some new games you maybe haven’t tried before and hopefully finish the race with a nice reward on top!

The top 20 players will receive a reward at the end of the promotional period, with the winner walking away with a whopping €500.

The best thing is that this promotion is running on top of Slot Wars, so you can participate in both promotions at the same time! Also, we will always display the promotional provider in the image on top of the page, so it’s easy for your to keep track. Have fun!

Game provider for current Extra War: Booming

Extra Wars - Terms and Conditions

1. Wagering on table games do not count towards the promotion, only slots on the certain provider that is displayed in the image on top of the page. Wagering amounts will be turned into points and shown on this page.

2. A new race will start every 3 days with a new €1,000 prize pool. Starting time of the promotion is at 10:00 CET and ends 3 days later at 09:59 CET.

3. Players will be paid the currency equivalent in the currency used on their account of the prize displayed in euro.

4. The winners will be officially declared by the end of the period and the prizes will be paid out within 30 mins.

5. Prizes come with a 1x wagering requirement and can only be used on the same provider that was eligible for the promotion.

6. Accounts which are closed at the time when promotion ends will not be paid.

7. You can easily keep track of the promotional period by checking the timer on the page.

8. We will be sending updates about this promotion by email. Stay tuned and make sure you have enabled the option to receive 'our promotions' in your profile.

9. Kindly note that the provider may change depending on your geo location and game availability.

10. BitStarz General Terms and Conditions apply.

11. Only players who have made at least 4 deposits are able to participate in the promotion.

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