Bitcoin Pizza Weekend

If the zombie apocalypse came tomorrow and you could only have ONE. LAST. PIZZA… Would you spend millions on it? Well, that’s exactly what one man did (even without the zombies, sigh).

In 2010, Laszlo Hanyecz bought two Papa John’s pizzas for 10,000 BTC. Back then that was just $41. Today, those pizzas would be worth about $300 million and suddenly, all the mistakes we’ve made in our lives seem pretty small.

We’re celebrating one of the biggest (and most tragic) crypto-occasions, Bitcoin Pizza Day on 22 May, over the whole weekend with a 100% bonus.

Deposit 0.001 BTC or more between Friday, 13:00 CEST and Sunday, 23:59 CEST to get your hands on it. If you’re lucky, you may win 10,000 BTC, and if you’re a bit less lucky, you might have to settle for a win worth two Papa John’s pizzas.

Go on, the oven is fired up and ready to serve your weekend reward!

The offer is available for the players who have made 4 or more deposits at BitStarz, and only the first deposit during Bitcoin Pizza Weekend will award the bonus.

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