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5 Wild Wild Peppers Slot Review a

The 2010s were a wild time for social media challenges. From the Cinnamon Challenge to Planking, and the ALS Awareness Ice Bucket business, things got pretty weird on the internet for a while.

Not that the 2020s have proved to be any different – we’re all still totally losing our minds out here.

But I have to admit that risking life and limb for a 30 second video seems like one hell of a choice. And nothing demonstrates my point better than the Carolina Reaper Pepper challenge, where hundreds of idiots (let’s be honest) ate the hottest chili in the world, for a couple of likes.

Sure some videos went viral, but nobody’s asking where the girl went who pissed her pants after unleashing that monstrous taste on her tongue.

I think I’ll take my chances with 5 Wild Wild Peppers slot from Belatra Games instead, at least these chilies are virtual.


Good lord, 5 Wild Wild Peppers slot really has one of the worst game soundtracks I’ve ever heard. It’s like if the Super Mario score had hit the liquor, unleashing itself on your eardrums with an unbelievable force.

Luckily, I spared myself by hitting the MUTE button at lightning speed – so that’s out of the way.

The rest of the game is pretty nondescript in comparison. The best adjective I can think of right now is “bright” – make of that what you will.

In all seriousness, this is a pretty classic fruit slot, serving lemons, oranges, and cherries (a non-exhaustive list) on a bell-covered platter. It looks alright on a mobile phone, although it’s best played in portrait mode so that the controls suit the smaller screen.

We’ve got a real stinker of an RTP here, clocking in at just 94.07%. That’s really not great, particularly when coupled with the medium-high volatility rate.

However, I was pleasantly surprised by the €225,000 maximum win, which comes courtesy of the 3,000x multiplier. Not bad!

There are no currency limitations either, so crypto and fiat players can both take this DUFF (Google it) on a date.


Although called 5 Wild Wild Peppers slot, this game is suspiciously missing any Wild symbols. Or any features at all, for that matter.

There are two Scatters though, so I guess that’s something…?


5 Wild Wild Peppers slot is suitable for mobile and desktop play, and any browser. I tested it on my iPhone 13 and MacBook Pro and it was totally fine, but given how straightforward this game is I would have been truly appalled if there were glitches.

Maximum Win

The €225,000 maximum win is really all this game has going for it, but it’s not easily won. Consider that 5 Wild Wild Peppers slot has a low RTP rate, a medium-high volatility rate, and a betting range of just €0.25 to €75, and you’ll get what I mean.


Um… I don’t really know what to say about this one. 5 Wild Wild Peppers slot is quite literally as straightforward as they come, offering zero features whatsoever.

The gameplay itself is also really basic, with just the classic fruit machine thing going. Overall, I’d think that even newbs would tire of this game quite quickly – unless simplicity is just really your thing right now.

Slot Details

Software: Belatra Games
Game Type: Video Slots
Paylines: 5
Reels: 5
RTP: 94.07%
Bonus Round: No
Progressive: No
Free Rounds: No
Maximum Win: €225,000

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