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Just A Bingo Slot Review

Historically bingo has been associated with elderly people who still like a little bit of living. I am not elderly, and I still like a lot of living, however, when the family vacation takes us to a resort where there are games evenings, you will find me in the front row of the Bingo Hall. Six cards in play, telling old Betty and Gladys on either side of me to pipe down in fear of missing the next number. Hell yes, a night at a Bingo Hall is far more heart racing and thrilling than even a spin on a dance floor at the resorts disco evening! Whats next, my husband asks! A game of bowls anyone?

Just a Bingo is a complete break away from the standard slot machine games. Set on a brightly colored table with bingo cards, a ball roller and tile to lay out the numbers you feel more like you are in fact at a Bingo Hall than playing a slot. At first, I wasn't too sure, but once giving it a chance, I really got into it.

Just a Bingo plays well on all the electronic devices I tested it on including my laptop. Mobile phone and tablet.


This is not your standard slot formulation it is a game of bingo wherein the main game 60 balls are in play.
Their symbols and features on the interface are all you would need to play a game of bingo including the cards, balls. Ball roller and payout line formations on the top.
The control panel is laid out to help you make your way around a slot you may not be used to. The controls include play, autoplay, max bet, paid, total bet, credits, and a symbol of three line that will let you access all the rules of this game as well as the pay table which I suggest you read to wrap your head around this unusual offering from Belatra Games.


There are no free spins and the usual features but there are two games on offer.
The main game has 60 balls in play and a maximum of 4 cards. The maximum bet per card is 50, and so the maximum bet for the 4 is 200. You can adjust this with the max bet button.
You can switch cards off by clicking the button on the top right-hand corner of the card you do not wish to play with.
You can change the numbers present on a card by clicking on the cards field of play. You will also notice that there is a speedometer to adjust the speed of distribution so that you can play at your own pace.

  • The second Game is the Game with Extra Balls. After the initial distribution of balls, the player is given the option to buy additional balls up to a maximum of 14 extra balls. Should you not want to purchase extra balls you just click on payout and your wins will be credited.

  • If you have sufficient credit, you click on Next Ball to obtain another.

  • Randomly free balls may be given.

  • Lastly, there is the Magic Ball. Here the player gets to choose any number that brings winnings. You will get a hint on the screen as to which delivers the highest wins. Note that in Autoplay the extra balls are bought automatically.

Unique Features

There is a Wheel of Fortune Jackpot game on offer. To trigger this jackpot game, you need to collect 2000 jackpot point. The higher your bet, the faster you accumulate the 2000 points. When you achieve the 2000 points, a big colorful wheel will drop onto the screen, and you get to spin for reward.


This was an unexpected surprise, and I thoroughly enjoyed the switch up and variance from a standard slot game. There was a lot on offer in the way of interactive play, where the player gets some control over the play on the interface, unlike other slot games where it is just a matter of spinning the reels.


I highly recommend this game not only to Bingo fanatics like myself, but I think this game will appeal to all onliners who are looking for something different on the screen but yet with a familiarity that comes with a game we all know and love. Outstanding job Belatra.

Slot Details

Software: Belatra Games
Game Type: Video Slots
Bonus Game: No
Progressive: Yes
Free Spins: No

Published by:
BitStarz, award-winning Bitcoin Casino