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Limbo Cat Slot Review

Being in limbo playing Limbo Cat by Onlyplay makes for an apt title. Due to the volatility of the game and it being a very different game to a slot, it brings us nail-biting wins, keeping an eye on the tank before it explodes, and a bit of uncertainty throughout the game. Gives one a sense of being between somewhere and nowhere.

I find it heartsore to watch the cat, or any animal, used in this manner, but then I remind myself that this is only a game. However, the visuals imprint a cruel memory and the compassion and sympathy I have are overly intense for the cat. Kudos to cats as Onlyplay have chosen them to do the job here because they are so agile and ever so intelligent. Only a cat can do all that.

This is like a game of limbo. The bar keeps rising higher and we need to keep rising to the occasion. It’s a mysterious game. Just not as mysterious as a cat.

Game Play

It might be a little perplexing when you first start playing Limbo Cat. There are no reels around here; instead, a little cat wears a helmet and sits in a tank, waiting to play. You must pick your stake when you initially begin the game. The game may be customized for various operators, but in the version we played, the lowest bet was €1 and the highest bet was €50. You may then put your wager and wait for the next round of the game to begin once you've decided on your stake. Because Limbo Cat is a multiplayer game, other people are playing with you, and you can see their scores on a board to the right of the game. You may also play with two different stakes and quit the game at two different points.

You can push the Take button at any time after the tank starts rolling. The goal is to maintain your composure as long as possible before the tank explodes. The tiny kitten may sometimes barely get off the ground before being blasted to bits, and other times it will make it very far before succumbing to its fate. There are no symbols in this game because it is not a slot. Instead, the game has its boxes, each with a different multiplier. The bulk of the multipliers players will encounter are on a lesser size, but now and then, a massive one may come out of nowhere. The most significant amount that can be won in the main game is x10.000, a sizable sum. However, the highest sum that may be won from the game is a progressive jackpot buried in one of the track's boxes. The progressive jackpot is presented at the top of the screen, with the sum displayed in the left-hand corner.

This game lacks standard additional features, so don't expect to uncover any Limbo Cat free spins on your journey. However, there are several dropdown bonuses in the game: Multipliers that will fall onto the track as the cat travels. There are also some nefarious tiny traps tucked away. Some of the boxes will not contain multipliers, but instead mines that send the small cat flying. As we've already mentioned, one of the Limbo Cat bonus options is a jackpot. This is hidden away in one of the boxes and can be won at any time. The multiplayer element here also feels a bit like a unique feature in itself, with players being able to watch to see who can hold their nerve the longest and get the highest score. There is also the option of having a fixed amount to cash out of each round. For example, you can set this to x2, and whenever your initial stake doubles, the game will pull out for you.


If you're looking for a spot of explosive action when gambling online, then look no further than the Limbo Cat slot by Onlyplay. Okay, so while the game is a multiplayer lottery title and not a slot, it does feature some slot-style bonuses and presents players with the chance to win plenty of cash. In addition, this game uses an explosive mechanic that will push players to the limit. It's your job to guide a little cat in a tank (yes, you read that right) through a warzone as he collects multipliers and tries to avoid mines. With some charming visuals and slick animations - this is an enjoyable type of game for those looking for something a bit different.


It might sound like winning on Limbo Cat is friendly and easy, but it isn't. The Limbo Cat RTP is 95%, a high volatility game. The explosive gameplay mechanic here can make picking up a win very difficult, and above all else, very nerve-wracking.

Max Coin

Maximum win of x 10,000.


Limbo Cat is a game with exciting bonuses and an Accumulative jackpot. The game has drop-down bonuses in a classic multiplier increase and special bonuses in boxes with an instant multiplier boost. The boxes can also contain mines that explode the tank and end the game. The game is alluring, thanks to a particular accumulative jackpot, which is evenly distributed among all players who risked opening the bonus box. Allocation is fair. The maximum winnings can be up to x10000 of your bet.

Slot details

Software: Onlyplay
Game Type: Video Slots
RTP: 95%
Bonus Round: Yes
Progressive: Yes
Free Spins: No
Max Win: x 10,000

Published by:
BitStarz, award-winning Bitcoin Casino