Skye Schmidt

Love Magic Slot Review

We've all been through the dating mill a few times – well I know I have.
I've tried :
Blind dates: I think what has to go down worst was meeting my blind date at a restaurant and finding out she was my estranged cousin – AWKWARD!
Speed dating: I tried it a few times – each time I registered myself with an obscure but recognizable pseudonym. I hoped that any woman with a combination of intelligence and knowledge of pop culture would spot it. None of them did. I got responses like:
“Keyser Söze – that's an interesting name, is it Polish?”
“Vito Corleone, how unusual – I had an Italian friend once.”
“Ferris Bueller – I've heard that name somewhere before – did we go to high school together?”
Tinder – an unusual amount of supermodel lookalikes who were nuclear physicists in their spare time needed some extra cash and wondered if I could help…

The one matchmaking route I've never embarked on is fortune telling. Wouldn't it be great if someone could say “You will meet your soul mate on the corner of 5th and Lexington at noon on Friday”? (Or, if you could wear some sort of magic talisman to draw prospective lover interests to you?)
Belatra Games have turned these wishes into a video slot that's designed to work on all devices. Its name is Love Magic, and while I'm dubious of the concept in real life, I was intrigued by this slot. A concoction of love, magic, desire and wish fulfillment greeted me. I felt drawn to it like a moth to a flame, or like what an attractive woman must feel like when I'm dancing – captivated…


Love Magic is a 5 reel and 10 payline slot making it reasonably volatile with the promise of some big wins. Apart from the standard 9-Ace card icons, the symbols are all entrancingly done: 2 beautiful women (a fortune teller and a young lady), a ring, talisman, mirror, butterfly, rose and a crystal ball (scatter). Both of the lovely ladies are wilds and can substitute for any of the symbols except each other, and the scatter.
For the most part I quite like the Belatra controls setup. Along the bottom you have: Settings. Lines/Credit, Bet/Total Bet, Win Amount, Max Bet, Start and AutoStart. Up top, you will see a flag where language selection is possible. Love Magic is available in English, Rusian, Spanish, Lithuanian and Belarusian.
I couldn't find a Turbospin, but personally that's a feature I seldom use if I'm enjoying a slot.


3 or more scatters on screen and its time to collect 15 Free Spins, which are re-triggerable up to a maximum of 300! There's also a Gamble feature after each winning spin. The default is a high card choice vs. the dealer. Within Game settings, you can change this to be a 2x bet on card color or a 4x bet on color and suite.

Unique Features

In your Free Spins, all wins (except a row of enchantress wilds) are multiplied by 3!


The graphics in Love Magic are alluring in a realistic way and I was very impressed. I did, however, feel that the sound effects detracted a bit from the theme and as such, I duly muted them. I gave this some pretty lengthy game time on my P.C, mobile phone and tablet. It shone through on all, presenting no problems.


Love Magic is a strongly themed slot with an excellent Free Spins feature. If one of the languages offered is yours, then that's an added bonus. Being a Free Spin addict, I adored this slot. I'm not particularly romantic, but for the love-birds out there, this is gonna be a favorite. For everyone else – it's still pretty darn good!

Slot Details

Software: Belatra Games
Game Type: Video Slot
Paylines: 10
Reels: 5
Bonus Game: No
Progressive: No
Free Spins: Yes

Published by:
BitStarz, award-winning Bitcoin Casino