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Satoshi's Secret Slot Review

Despite having emerged from the shadows and surging in value, Bitcoins origin is still shrouded in mystery. Who the heck is Satoshi Nakamoto? The founder of Bitcoin (assuming it's one person) has remained anonymous. Look - personally, I would too – if people knew I had 1 million BTC sitting in my wallet, my “lost tribe” relatives, estranged friends and college one night stands would all come climbing outta the woodwork faster than Donald Trump reaching to tweet!
So Satoshi, stay in the shadows and enjoy your spoils. Maybe try Satoshi's Secret – Endorphina's video slot, which is a homage to the hacker community that first embraced Bitcoin.
Beginning Satoshis Secret feels like you're hacking into top secret files while being hunted by an enigmatic bureaucratic evil. For a few brief moments, even I felt tech savvy! You can embark on this cyber adventure on any device across all platforms.
To paraphrase Morpheus: ”This is your last chance. After this, there is no turning back. You choose not to play - the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You press spin - you stay in Wonderland, and I show you how deep the rabbit-hole goes.”


6 reels (a rarity in slots) and 20 paylines fall in a matrix-like framework. The symbols all look very technologically advanced but are basically letters, bitcoin(ish) symbols, currencies and a hacker. The wild symbol is a computer chip with the word “wild” cleverly written into it, (Sorry – that's sarcasm, I'm just always a bit deflated when a wild symbol actually states “wild”.) A Bitcoin Padlock is the scatter symbol.
The controls look positively space age, and a bit intimidating but are actually a breeze to operate. From the left: the Bet Amount, Menu (intricate game settings), Total Bet amount, Auto, the all-important Spin button, and Lines.
Worthy of such a cerebral game, the Autoplay setting is the best I have seen. You can choose an amount of spins and to stop after any of the following parameters: time passed, wins exceeded, balance decreased by or balance increased by.


There's a gamble function, and what I suppose could be called "non-progressive jackpots”. The Jackpot payouts are the following: 6 hackers wins 50 000 coins, 6 GB pound symbols wins 30 000 coins, while 6 Euro or Dollar symbols wins you 10 000 coins. The gamble function comes up after each win and is a card draw where the card you choose needs to beat the value of the dealers.

Unique features

It may seem like you need a Caltech degree to work out the unique features in Satoshis Secret, but just apply yourself for a few short moments, and they will become second nature.
4 scatters trigger the "Trading Secrets" Bonus Round. This is a game in which you bet on currency fluctuations. Much like in real currency trading, you gotta know when to bank your profit and stop trading. Each correctly guessed trade will result in your account being credited. Conversely, each incorrectly guessed trade will result in an account decrease. You can exit at any time, and the game ceases if your profit dwindles to zero.
A second bonus game is activated when the word QWERTY is spelled by symbols across the screen. In this game you get the chance to “hack” secure bank accounts, the harder the hack, the more the reward.


The graphics might end up being dated in 10 years time because they are grounded in current technology, but at the moment they are ground-breaking. The music has a techno flair with a build-up of drama that is spot on theme-wise. Despite the complexity of its features, Satoshis Secret runs like a supercomputer on nitro (if there was such a thing).


Satoshis Secret will appeal to the thinkers among us who are brave and not daunted by technology. While I don't fall into that category, the few brain cells I have rose to the challenge, and by the end, I felt a bit smarter and even showed a tidy profit. So grab a double espresso, pop on your hacker hoodie and get busy – you're in for a long night.

Slot Details

Software: Endorphina
Game Type: Video Slot
Paylines: 20
Reels: 6
RTP: 96%
Bonus Game: Yes
Progressive: No
Free Spins: No

Published by:
BitStarz, award-winning Bitcoin Casino