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Sevens Slot Review

What's the big deal with the number 7?

  • It's the most prominent number of all religions and cultures.
  • It features strongly in tales throughout the ages. 7 brothers sought 7 brides; Snow White took refuge with 7 dwarves, Sinbad sailed 7 voyages.
  • there are 7 seas, continents, colors of the rainbow, days of the week and notes on a musical scale.

In a recent survey of lucky numbers, 300 000 people were asked to name their luckiest number. There was no limit – any number could be chosen. Unsurprisingly 7 won by a landslide!

For me, any new winning number is a lucky number – I'm a bit of a backstabber in that regard. I'll ditch my old lucky number faster than a babysitters boyfriend when the parents arrive home. It's this lack of loyalty that's helped me retain some semblance of sanity. I'm a little cuckoo as it is, but if I was attached to one lucky number and continually sought it out, I think I would lose the plot altogether.
Sevens is a classic fruit slot designed by Belatra Games to work on PC's, mobile devices and tablets. It's bright, bold and straightforward. When I started, I felt comfortable – like I was wearing my pajamas with a cup of cocoa. Sevens gave me a relaxed feel and I just chilled and began to spin. Would 7 become my new lucky number?


Sevens is a 3 reel and 5 payline slot. This high level of volatility means you gotta wait a while between wins, but boy is it worth it when one pops up!
The symbols are triple 7's, 7, bar, double bar, oranges, plum, grapes and cherries, The layout is pretty simple and there's a control panel along the bottom with: Settings, Lines/Credit, Bet/Total Bet, Win Amount, Max Bet, Start and Autostart.
In both the Settings and up top you will find a flag and here you can choose your language preference: English, Rusian, Spanish, Belarusian and Lithuanian.


After each winning spin, there is a gamble feature. Here there are two options to choose from in your Game Settings. The default is a 2x bet of high card choice vs. the dealer, while the other is a 2x bet on card color or 4x bet on color and suite. If your profit is lost, you are returned to the game. If you win, you can either leave or press your luck up to another 4 times.


The graphics and sound effects are limited by the genre but do their job well enough. Performance wise, I I think the simplicity makes it a game that works well on mobile devices specifically. It performed admirably on all platforms but looked particularly good on my phone.


Whether 7 is your lucky number or not, this classic fruit slot satisfies nicely. When you have 20 minutes free and don't feel like reading through an encyclopedia of special features in a game, this one's for you. Sometimes the purest slots that hearken back to the early days of gambling are satisfying in a way that others cant be.

Slot Details

Software: Belatra Games
Game Type: Classic Slot
Paylines: 5
Reels: 3
Bonus Game: No
Progressive: No
Free Spins: No

Published by:
BitStarz, award-winning Bitcoin Casino