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Blackjack Card Game Review

Blackjack is a quality family friend when you're on holiday, and your family aren't the sore loser type. So if claiming the winning title means 2 days of avoidance from the rest of your members, leave Blackjack perfectly boxed and on the shelf in the Amazon technology jungle. But if you're operating with laughter and encouragement, squeaks, eeks and unique sound effects from unexpected card values. You're all dealt, up that quantity number to 5 - Amazon's new favourite customer. You can't play Blackjack without setting the scene, though, so open those glass doors to the ocean view, pour everyone a glass of wine and position yourself for some serious fun. Mascot is here to give you a trial run, and it has to be done. So you may as well enjoy the pleasure, sweet treasure.

Game Play

Blackjack by Mascot has an RTP of 95.4% and a small max win of €100.

To begin, place a bet between 0.20 and 50.

You play with 3 boxes and 6 card decks containing 52 cards. You aim to claim a hand as close to 21 as possible if not equal to. It also has to beat the Dealer's hand without surpassing it.

What do the cards count? Your number cards count as face value, your royal suit (King, Queen and Jack) count as 10 and Aces are 11 or 1.

Your opponent (the Dealer) must stand on a Hard 17 and land a Soft 17. "What are these terms you speak of?" A Soft is one with an Ace, and a Hard hand is one without or a hand with an Ace that can only have the 1 value. When the Dealer completes his hand, the game is over.

This is a game of 2 cards in combination, an Ace and any other card value of 10. Whenever you've beat another hand with a value of 21, you've won.

With the Insurance aspect of this game, when the Dealer's first card is an Ace, you can then buy Insurance at a fee of ½ your initial bet per hand, and it works if the Dealer gets Blackjack.

Another term is "Even" if your hand is Blackjack and your opponent has a visible card that is an Ace, you can claim even money.

There's "Insurance", "Even" and "Spitting". If your first cards are the same value, then you can split them into separate hands by doubling the initial bet. Only one is allowed, an important note to make, and when you split Aces, you'll receive 1 card per new hand.

The final term to note is "Double"; you're allowed to double down after your first 2 cards. After that, you'll get an extra card, and the bet per hand will double.


Mascot's Baccarat and Blackjack are identical in design; the chip colours and teal board are just different games and layouts. Although it's a card game known as a sophisticated, professional game, I feel they could play around with the design, add a unique touch and make it memorable. However, despite their seemingly minimal effort, the entire game is a clean design with zero glitches and technical incompetencies.

Max Coin

The maximum coin in


Ocean waves in the background soothe the effects of defeat, intoxication creeping in, deeper bonds and maximum enjoyment. Now, this is what a proper holiday is. So when can we do it again?

Card Details

Software: Mascot
Game Type: Table Games
RTP: 95.4%
Max Win: €100

Published by:
BitStarz, award-winning Bitcoin Casino