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Casino Hold'em Card Game Review.

Straight leg chinos and top hats, waistcoats and blazers, penguin coloured glossy pointers, we're going in, boys. A bottomless roll out of whiskey on the rocks and cigar smoke clouding the vision of my opponent, how could I have forgotten the life of the Russian Mafia? Don't mistake this nostalgia for not loving the family I have, but I haven't dressed my fingers in gold rings, slung gold chains across my chest or tarred my lungs in over a decade. I'm reminded why I joined this community in the first place and how effectively euphoric it is. Yes, Mascot providers, I'll have some of that salsa and those delicious poker chips. The more spice, the better. And whilst I bite into the richness of this snack, I say full flush thank you very much. Next round, please.

Game Play

Blackjack by Mascot has an RTP of 99.3% and a small max win of €200.

To begin, place a bet between 0.20 and 200.

You aim to make the best 5-card poker hand each round. So how do you do this? Use any combination of your 2 initial cards and the 5 community ones. The best will win, of course, and any hands that are equal in value will tie.

A flop bet means the Ante bet is doubled, and the Turn, as well as River bets, equate to the bet as well.

Casino Hold 'em is played on a 52 deck card shuffled before the start of each round. You'll have your standard 5-card poker hand rankings with no ranking among suits.


Mascot's card game designs remain the same, with minor structural component changes, like the layout. This makes them uninterested and unoriginal despite being a different colour pallet than the usual card game boards. It's a professional and orderly set-up, with a soothing and necessary silence for accurate concentration, but they could add a few funky adornments here and there. Putting my preference aside and objectively looking in, the simplistic quality serves the gist of the game, and I can imagine this being a popular choice.

Max Coin

The maximum coin is €200


I'd love to see your skills in action, dear player. I'll order more salsa and poker chips; you settle down, get comfortable and call upon every inch of luck you can. We have all day and night, right? Let the games begin. Oh, before I call our guy, what level of spice are you looking for?

Card Details

Software: Mascot
Game Type: Table Games
RTP: 99.3%
Max Win: €200

Published by:
BitStarz, award-winning Bitcoin Casino