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Won Hundred Slot Review

The number 100 is an important element of Won Hundred slot from Gamzix. It’s the number of paylines, you see, so I was like: what interesting facts are there about 100 that I can use for my intro?

I don’t give a continental about 100 being a perfect square number, or that the US has 100 senators – that’s boring sh*t. But I did dig up this beaut: back in the day, the Kingdom of Asturia had to give an annual tribute of 100 virgins to the Emirate of Cordoba!

In case you’re wondering (coz I was), both kingdoms are now in the Iberian Peninsula, or what we’d call Spain.

But before we go down that moral rabbit hole (and just imagine how difficult it would be to find 100 virgins these days!), I think it’s best to segway into the review so I don’t get lynched!


HIT THE MUTE BUTTON!!! I’m not even kidding! Trust me; you’ll thank me for the advice – unless you’re into 80s synth pop (in which case, you’re beyond hope).

A massive 5x4-reel grid on a luminous spotted green background is what you’ll see when you land on Won Hundred slot. It’s a classic fruit slot, so for those who aren’t into this genre, I guess you’ll be dropping off now. Au Revoir!

The mobile version of this game looks pretty similar in landscape and portrait mode – there’s a LOT of green background, of course, with the grid in the middle of the screen. The controls are subtle but easy to use with a thumb.

What I really enjoyed is that the symbols that aren’t involved in a win are greyed out. That makes the winning symbols pop, so it’s easier to see what’s going on with each spin. A very nice touch, this.

The name of this slot is derived from the fact that there are 100 paylines on this baby. The stats are very good, too: 96% RTP, a medium volatility rate, but the max win is a whopper at €240,000.

And the last bit of awesome news is that there are no currency limitations here, so you can play with whichever crypto or fiat tickles your fancy. Good job, Gamzix!

Now, let’s chat about the symbols. You’ll see sevens, bells, and a whack of fruit. Other than these are the two Scatters – one is a diamond (it pays in any position and appears on any reel), and the other is a star (it also pays anywhere but only appears on reels 1, 3, and 5).

Lastly, there's a Wild in the form of a four-leaf clover which you’ll find on reels 2 to 4. Wilds replace any symbol other than the Scatters. The cool thing about the Wilds is that when one of these puppies lands, it’ll expand vertically to cover the entire reel.

Wilds aren’t the only symbols that can appear stacked – it can happen to any symbol. Stacked symbols can either cover the reel entirely or just parts thereof.


There’s only a single feature on Won Hundred slot and it’s the Gamble feature – you’ll be randomly offered the chance to double your current win.

And let me point out that it happens like once or twice in 100 spins, if my experience during testing is anything to go by. But that’s not unexpected – think about any of the features on any other game; all of em take time to land.

When the feature begins, you’ll stay on the same screen but the grid changes. You’ll see an upturned card (the dealer’s) and four face-down cards.

Your job is to choose a card that beats the dealer’s; if you do, you’ll be able to go again (up to 10x). Draw a similar card to the dealer and it’ll be considered a draw. Lose just once and your current winnings will go bye-bye.

The Joker beats any other card, but the dealer will never land a Joker.


I have many issues but playing Won Hundred slot ain’t one of em. I rocked this bad boy on my phone and laptop, and tried out Safari and Chrome, and it was all good in the hood.

Maximum Win

Now here’s where the game falls down a little: and it’s not the magnificent max win (€240,000) of course. It’s the fact that you’ll need to maintain sustained betting at €80 if you want a shot at that top prize because the max multiplier is only 3,000x.

For most people, you’ll have to downgrade to bets of €1 or anything up to the max. Pity, that.


There's a lot of good stuff happening with Won Hundred slot. My personal dilemma is that the gameplay is anything but exciting. You’ll cycle through a hundred spins with no action and that’s not my idea of fun.

Having said that, you might be less about the entertainment and more about the wins, and there’s a lot of potential here.

This slot is also a good option for taking on the road with you, and considering mobile play is hellishly popular, all these factors might make Won Hundred slot the perfect game for you.

Slot Details

Software: Gamzix
Game Type: Video Slots
Paylines: 100
Reels: 5
RTP: 96%
Bonus Round: No
Progressive: No
Free Rounds: None
Max Win: €240,000

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