The Ultimate Casino Payouts FAQ

Understanding how casino payouts work can be tricky, especially when every casino has its own rules and procedures. Here at BitStarz, we aim to make understanding casino payouts as simple as possible. With that overarching goal in mind, we’ve analyzed the requests our live customer support against receive on a daily basis and put together this handy guide on understanding casino payouts – allowing you to get the information you need faster than ever before!

Do payout speeds vary from casino to casino?

Each casino has its own payout procedure, with most involving multiple steps and checks to ensure everything is above board and legitimate. To this extent, a lot of casinos have similar payout times, but these checks can be sped up with a dedicated payout team that works 24/7. For example, BitStarz has highly skilled payouts team in place that’s available 24/7, so whether you win at 2am on a Sunday or at 5pm on a Friday afternoon, you can rest assured that your payout will be completed on average in under 10 minutes – currency dependent.

How can I ensure faster payouts?

We know how frustrating it can be to win big and have to wait around for the cash – after all, you want to spend that big win as soon as possible. To ensure your payout is processed quickly and efficiently, you need to make sure your KYC documents are up to standard and are submitted in a timely manner. These only need to be submitted once, so don’t worry if you’ve already done this step.


Next up, you need to look at how you’re trying to process the payout. Banks only work so fast, so if BitStarz completed the payout in 2 minutes, you might have to wait a few hours or days – depending on your bank – to receive the money. The fastest payout option is Bitcoin, with transactions completed in around 10 minutes on average. In order to receive a payout in Bitcoin, you need to have deposited at least once in BTC.

What is a payout percentage?

Understanding payout percentages is critical to ensuring that you have a profitable session at any casino – not just BitStarz. Payout percentages are the theoretical amount a game will payout based on n completed games. Each provider has a different amount of games required, but typically the payout percentage is calculated over 10,000 spins or games.


Payout percentages range from as low as 75% and can be as high as 99% on some slot machines. The payout percentage is also known as return to player (Return to Player ratio or RTP). The higher the payout percentage, the better chance you have of winning, while a lower payout percentage means the game will hang on to more money from those 10,000 or so spins.

Will my banking method impact payout time?

Payout times are virtually all down to your banking method. Some banks will process payments faster than others, with some even processing payments on Sundays. Unfortunately, certain banks will not allow you to cashout from an online casino to your account, meaning you will have to explore other payout options – taking more time.


The fastest way to get your casino payout will be to play and receive payouts in cryptocurrency. Bitcoin has an average transaction time of 10 minutes, meaning the money will be in your Bitcoin wallet as soon as it’s added to the next block zero no matter the time of day. Banks will also charge varying fees for your casino payouts, while Bitcoin transaction fees will always remain relatively small.

What is the highest payout casino game?

Finding a game with the highest payout percentage can be tricky, as even the best payout casinos don’t often allow you to filter games by payout level. That being said, there are a handful of fabled games that have a legendary 99% or better payout percentage. All Aces Poker Slot has an incredible RTP of 99.92%, while Mega Joker Slot from NetEnt comes in a close second with an RTP of 99%. These are two of the highest payout games available at BitStarz. Classic Blackjack from Microgaming has a house edge of just 0.13%, giving you one of the fairest games around.


What happens when I win?

Winning is the best part of playing at an online casino, and if you’re playing one of the higher paying games you will be winning quite frequently. Every time you win, your winnings will be calculated automatically and added to your balance. You can then opt to spin the reels, play another hand, or head to the online casino’s cashout menu to take your winnings off the table and keep them as pure profit.


If you opt to cashout, you can simply head to the cashout area under your account options, select your withdrawal method and the amount, then the payments team will work on processing it as fast as possible. All wins are credited to your account immediately, with our near instant withdrawal options functioning in a similar way. If you lose connection mid-way through a game and are forced to reload the page, either your spin will resume as soon as the game loads or the winnings/losses will be added or deducted from your balance accordingly.

What is the best game to play in terms of payouts?

All the slots at BitStarz use random number generators to determine the result of the next spin. As such, the results on slot games are not cyclical and therefore impossible to predict. No online slot can become “due” owing to the nature of the random number generators. This means every game has an equal chance of paying out a big win, it’s all down to luck. Some slots have paid out big wins virtually back to back, then gone on a lengthy cold spell, while other slots payout big wins fairly regularly.



There are a handful of provably fair games, whereby you as a player can interact with the game’s settings to change the outcome of the next spin. Once you open up the provably fair menu, you can change the number given to each reel. You will be given a hash of your choices, and after the round, you can then check this hash to ensure that your decisions impacted the outcome of your spin.

Still Need More Help?

If you have any other questions or are stuck with payout rates and related problems, feel free to reach out to our live chat customer support team. They’re available 24/7 in a variety of languages, not to mention they’re as friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable as can be!