Spin and Win Forever in Book of Immortals!

Book of Immortals invites you into a futuristic take on a classic slot theme – Ancient Egypt. Offering you a slot packed with characters that look like they’re about to leap off the reels and attack each other, this game is all-action across the board.


Dig Deep to Uncover Big Wins in Dwarf Mine!

No matter what fairytale of epic fantasy land you head into, dwarves almost always seem to be there. Clearly digging vast mines into the center of the earth is well worth the time and hassle for these little creatures – after all, they live in huge palaces lined with gold. So, team up with the dwarves and head into a mine of your own for the chance to uncover some of the


Get Extra Terrestrial Wins with Stellar Spins

Reach for the stars with Stellar Spins, a 5-reel slot from Booming Games that promises wins, and fun, of galactic proportions! Navigate the shining stars, spinning galaxies, and colourful planets to find the gems that mean big cash prizes. Our quick guide will show you where to point your spacecraft to get you those wins.

Countdown to Liftoff

You don’t need to be NASA trained to get started with Stellar Spins.


Brave the Dead and Win Big in Dia De Los Muertos!

If you’re after a big win and don’t mind getting your hands dirty then Dia De Los Muertos Slot is the game for you. Brave the dead for the chance of winning fantastic stacks of cash that will have your funeral decked out like a spooky chapel of the dead. Dia De Los Muertos is Spanish for day of the dead, and we can tell you with absolute certainty that the game is every bit as scary as the name suggests.


Get Jungle Fever with Temple of Nudges

Head down to the deepest jungle, among Aztec stone carvings and totems, to visit the Temple of Nudges and witness a true slot miracle – the mythical, magical nudge! After each win is totaled, the reels move down one symbol, where, should you land another a winning combination, the win is totaled again! This continues for as long as there is a winning combination on the reel, and considering the length the symbol stacks in Temple of Nudges, you could be nudging your way to a fortune!

Preparing for Your Trip

This 5-ree


El Dorado Quest by the Numbers

Unless you’ve been living under a rock or in a zone with no internet connection, you will have heard about our insane El Dorado Quest promotion. We gave you the chance to win a luxury trip for two down to Mexico as well as €50,000 in individual prize pools. Earlier this week, the timer rand out and the quest ended, and it’s been a quest to remember.


An Idiot’s Guide to European Roulette

It can be a confusing experience for players to see the roulette table for the first time. It has a lot of numbers, colors, and the betting table can be intimidating. The truth is though that it is very easy to play, much easier than card games, and is a great way to introduce you to casino life. Our idiot’s guide to Eurpoean Roulette will guide you through the basics of the game and how to play for the very first time.


Get Ready for Game of Thrones Season 8 With These Epic Slots!

For Game of Thrones fans, season 8 has felt like a lifetime of waiting – but the wait is finally over. To get you into the mood for the launch of season 8 on April 14th, we are going to run you through these epic Game of Thrones slots – the perfect way to round off re-watching the first 7 series of HBO & George R.R. Martin’s captivating TV series. There is no doubt that Game of Thrones is one of the best TV series of all times, and these two games keep up the tradition of being a cut above the rest.


Switch Smarter for Oasis Poker Success

Oasis Poker is a variation of Caribbean Stud Poker found mostly in eastern Europe, northern Africa, and of course online casinos like BitStarz. Oasis Poker is an exciting variant because only one of the dealer’s cards is shown, with the rest revealed only once you raised your initial bet. The rules are the same as Caribbean Stud except the player is allowed to exchange cards before the raise/fold decision, for a price, often called ‘switching’.


Earn Grand Wins in The Grand Slot

When it comes to winning big, the games with 200+ bet ways or ways to win are often the best. That being said, The Grand Slot gives you a whopping 214 bet ways on every spin – helping the wins grow larger than life. Match up elegant and stylish symbols to land wins beyond your wildest dreams. The Grand is one of the funkiest slots we have seen in recent years, so head on over and try your luck – who knows, you could