Caieshens Cash

Win Epic Stacks of Cash in Caishen’s Cash Slot!

Nothing screams wealth and riches more so than gold, deep reds, pudgy babies and chunky cats!


Battle Your Way to Wins in Our Newest Slots

Today’s collection of new slots sees a selection of fruits enjoying a relaxing summer holiday, gladiators enduring epic battles for survival, and a deceptively beautiful Chinese warrior who packs a hell of a punch. So, whether your first port of call is the amphitheaters of Rome, the battlefields of Ancient China, or the beaches of the Dominican Republic, let BitStarz be your guide as we take in a tour of our new slots. Please keep your hands and legs inside the car and enjoy the ride.


Unearth Prehistoric Wins in Raging Rex!

There is something scary about bringing dinosaurs back to life, we’ve all seen Jurassic Park, right? So, we know one thing for certain – they’re damn scary animals you don’t want to meet face to face. If you’re feeling brave, you can take on the dinosaurs for your shot at winning huge piles of cash in Raging Rex Slot.


Missing Game of Thrones? These Slots Will Help

As the phenomenon that was Game of Thrones draws to a close after 72 hours and 16 minutes of epic TV drama, millions of people all over the world will suddenly have a dragon-shaped void in their lives. Fortunately, BitStarz is there to help, as we run down a small collection of slots that will bring memories of Winterfell flooding back, only this time the come with something extra – cash prizes. And it only takes a few minutes, not three days.


Some Surprising Casino Players From History

Casinos and casino games have attracted many famous names in the past, from athletes to entrepreneurs. But it’s not just contemporary celebrities that have fallen in love with the allure of the roulette wheel or the thrill of the poker table – history is littered with surprisingly great names who in their own way changed the course of history…but also enjoyed a flutter on the side.


BITSTARZ EXCLUSIVE SLOT – Taste the Juice in Mechanical Orange!

Oranges are rather delicious, but they can be much more than just a juicy treat. Give oranges to a steampunk designer and suddenly that orange will have magical powers, as well as become jam-packed full of gears and steam. You better watch out, that hot steam has to vent somewhere, and when it does there are some big wins up for grabs.

Steampunk fans listen up,

Glory Awaits with our Collection of New Slots

Today’s collection of new slots sees us venturing through a magical forest in the company of woodland creatures and will-o’-the-wisps, splashing around in Niagara Falls in the search of huge wins, and putting decorative taste aside in the pink and gold-heavy Lucky Cat. So grab your magic wand, your breathing apparatus, and your cat treats and let’s go!

Magical Oak Slot – Habanero


Sink Your Teeth into The Dog House for Huge Wins

Don’t consider yourself a dog person? Well Dog House, a new slot from Pragmatic might just change your mind on that. This fun, cartoon-style slot may not have the highest payouts in the world but it sure is an enjoyable way to spend a few minutes, plus you can’t help but fall in love with these playful pooches. So grab the half destroyed tennis ball and let’s take Dog House for a walk.

Getting Started

Enter the Dog House by setting your bet per line.


Scoop Up the Remaining Bonuses in Spring Break Cancun

Spring Break Cancun has been one of the biggest promotions ever here at BitStarz, and with only 6 days left, it’s time to push on through and scoop up the remaining bonuses.


Battle for Wins in Beauty Warrior!

Beauty Warrior, a new slot from Amatic, puts on its equality hat and shows us that Ancient Chinese warriors weren’t all angry, bearded men repeatedly attacking walls – they were also beautiful women in flowing, golden armor repeatedly attacking walls. This 5-reel slot gives you 720 ways to win, with Expanding Wilds and Scatter symbols that add to your arsenal and give you an even better chance of victory.