BitStarz Crazy Casino Stories – Part Deux!

In our series of spreading fun stories from the world of gaming through generations, we have reached our second episode. Stories about double jackpots, a Chinese powerhouse, The Devil’s Wheel, a badass woman and crabs are all on display for you to read. Take out your notebook and pen as you’re going to want to remember these.

Unleash a Stampede of Wins in This BitStarz Slot!

Welcome to the wild plains of Africa. This place is as majestic as the animals which call it home and they are all on display in this soothing slot from Betsoft. With a calming soundtrack, you’ll immediately be whisked away to an exciting environment that certainly isn’t short of romping, stomping beats. This combination of beauty and danger is something else, so it’s probably best to do the spinning from a safe distance when it comes to the appropriately titled Stampede slot!

A Roaring Amount of Paylines


Find Love and Big wins in Cupid Strike 2 Slot!

Valentine’s day is still a long way away, but that doesn’t mean it’s too early to get all loved up with someone special. Whether it’s a special boy, girl, cat, dog, car, boat or amusement park ride, make sure they know how much you care about them, and splash out on a nice piece of jewelry. If you’re struggling for cash,


5 BitStarz Slots That Go Bump in the Night!

Halloween night is nearly here,
but what are the things you truly fear?

The ghosts, ghouls, the deathly faces?
Or the screams of joy in BitStarz places.

You’ll have to play this haunted eve,
amongst these screams, try not to leave.

Find out if the witches cursed the games,
Spin, bet and win, to hear yours amongst the winners’ names!

Todays treat: 5 BitStarz slots that will surely get you in the Halloween spirit.


It’s scary just how fun this slot is.

Exclusive New Slot Tomb of Nefertiti Lands at BitStarz!

“A beautiful woman has come”. This is the wonderful meaning of the name Nefertiti. A fitting name for Queen Nefertiti, considered as one of the most beautiful women to ever come out of Ancient Egypt. For all of her beauty, this woman was a bad bitch (in the most positive of ways), who together with her Pharaoh husband, was a popular ruler during what was arguably the wealthiest period of Ancient Egyptian history. This must be a great sign as BitStarz will be the EXCLUSIVE home for the


BitStarz Nominated for Best Casino at AskGamblers Awards 2019!

Ever since we first launched way back in 2014, we’ve made it our mission to bring you the very best service and to carry on improving with every passing day. Back in 2017 you voted BitStarz as the Best Online Casino at the AskGamblers Awards, and then followed it up by voting for BitStarz as the Players Choice Casino 2018 at the AskGamblers Awards.


Take Home Sweet Wins in Sweety Honey Fruity Slot!

We’re getting sweet and fruity with this brand-new game and we can guarantee you that it will get you hooked on fruit for the rest of your life. Until now, eating fruit has been a chore, but

Wizards Want War in Brand New BitStarz Slot!

Welcome to another episode of Good vs Evil. This classic theme aging back to the beginning of man and most likely even further. The battle and stories between these two forces have been shared with us for so many generations and been the main story behind many of the biggest franchises of all times, such as Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings. Habanero has kept spinning (no pun intended) on this theme, which has resulted in brand new slot

Scoop-Godly-Wins-in-Power-of-Gods-The-Pantheon-Slot (1)

Scoop Godly Wins in Power of Gods: The Pantheon Slot!

Greek gods are some of the most powerful gods ever dreamt up by a civilization, with each one having the power to control elements or destroy worlds in a matter of seconds. So, what better way to spin the reels than with these powerful gods at your side in Power of Gods: The Pantheon slot.

As you spin the reels you will get the chance to team up with various gods from the world of Greek mythology, with the goal of taking home truly legendary wins.


More Gold Diggin Awaits in This Explosive BitStarz Slot

Hey Ho Hey Ho – It’s off to work I go… The 7 Dwarfs may have been the original inspiration for this slot. These hard working character, although height challenged, showed all men that hard work leads to attention and appreciation by beautiful women. Busting our asses deep down below ground as minors may not be what we dreamt about growing up but these two charming characters in this game sure does make it look fun.

Barrels Stacked With Dynamite