BitStarz Player Lands Record-Breaking $2.4 Million Win!

BitStarz is shaking the online casino world to its core, as big win after big win just keep coming, with the latest monster payday blowing us away.

Smashing the BitStarz record, one of our players has won a jaw-dropping $2,458,064 spinning the reels of Azrabah Wishes. Yes, you read that right the first time, a player has won more than $2.


Lucky BitStarz Player Lands €752,450 Win in Azrabah Wishes!

Big wins seem to be coming thick and fast this year here at BitStarz, and we’re not complaining! We love to see our players winning big and taking home epic stacks of cash. The big win dream finally came true for one lucky player who chanced his hand on the brand-new game


BitStarz Player Scoops an Epic $720,192 From 3 Blackjack Hands!

Blackjack is one of the classiest card games around, and the dealers are notoriously difficult to beat – unless you have a strategy, of course. One BitStarz player managed to defy all odds and take the dealers to the cleaners by scooping a whopping $720,192 in just three hands! Playing on the exclusive live Salon Privé Blackjack tables, this high roller managed to etch his name on the


Player Wins Huge $93,750 Prize on 3 Witches Slot!

What better way to round off the weekend than with a juicy win worth $93,750 from just a single spin. The winning player in question landed the big payday after spinning the reels of 3 Witches Slot with a $75 stake in play. BitStarz has become the home of big wins, so this certainly isn’t the only mega-payout we’ve seen lately and we guarantee that it won’t be the last!

Make Magic Happen in 3 Witches


Player Smashes BitStarz Record With $1.35 Million Win!

BitStarz is becoming renowned as the home of high rollers, big wins, and record-smashing payouts. Now, it looks like one player has taken things to a whole new level. We all dream of landing a life-changing win that will let us pay off the mortgage, buy a new car, and experience the holiday of a lifetime – this player has managed to pull it off in a single spin. Yes, that’s right… a BitStarz player scooped a mouthwatering $1.35 million (354.24 BTC) in all-action game


BitStarz Sees Massive Prizes in Week of VIP Winners

BitStarz has had something of a crazy week. We’ve had so many big winners in the last seven days that we haven’t even bothered to close to the doors to the vault, and our Bitcoin hot wallet has practically melted. Hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of prize money have headed into our players’ accounts over the past week following some epic wins, with


BitStarz Player Smashes Records by Winning $845,000!

When it comes to big wins, they don’t get much bigger than a $845,000 payday. One lucky player tamed the reels and walked away with the biggest win EVER at BitStarz. Scooping an epic $845,000 in four spins, this player clearly has his strategy down to an art form. Breaking a BitStarz record, the player scooped $275,375.85 (69.19 BTC) in a single spin on Brave Viking Slot, beating the previous biggest win by $12,000.


Lightning Roulette and Jade Valley Land Player $350,000 Payday!

Having one big win is something very special, but two big wins on separate games in the same day is out of this world. One super lucky player here at BitStarz won a whopping 61 BTC while playing the infamous Lightning Roulette.


BitStarz Player Wins $65,000 on Fantasy Park!

BitStarz is the home of big wins and even bigger promotions, but one lucky player has taken the lead in the biggest win we’ve seen this year so far. Winning a cool $65,000 in a single spin on Fantasy Park Slot, we’re sure that our lucky winner is certainly feeling like he is in a fantasy of his own right now.


BitStarz Player “Rumbles” the Reels to Win $80,000!

Players want big games, big wins, and big action – which is exactly what we’ve been giving you all during 2018. It’s been a year of massive payouts, as players from around the world have scooped up the cash. $45,000, $59,000, $148,000, $206,000, $265,000, and even a staggering $300,000 (19.2 BTC) have all been won. While we might be speeding towards 2019, there’s still plenty of cash be won before the year is out – with one player recently winning $80,000 on top