Welcome to the Secret Performance by the Diamond Duke Slot

Diamond Duke sounds like a cool nickname for someone like legendary Duke Ellington or perhaps Duke of Sussex a.k.a. Prince Harry but with a fantastic 1950’s retro look it’s the newly released Diamond Duke slot that has caught our attention. In a pure nostalgia trip we will be heading back in time to a smokey jazz club with a slot machine in one corner and a live performance in the other. Just close your eyes, listen to the sounds and you’ll know what we are talking about. Thanks for the invite to the great show, Quickspin!

Performing on stage in this underground club are the up and coming Bonus and Multiplier Wheel which will lead the way to the big hits and the even bigger wins. There is an 8,000x multiplier and a nice €320,000 max win available to you but enough of the chit-chat. It’s time to pull the lever and spin!

Iconic Symbols

It’s an old school 3 reel and 5 payline machine that is standing in front of you waiting on your commando. The soundtrack brings you back in time and this is a perfect choice for one of the simpler slots on the market. Sticking to the 1950’s time period, the symbols are the iconic cherries, grapes, melons, bells, lucky 7s and of course the diamond.

We said it’s a simple slot but that doesn’t mean it’s lame. Quite the opposite. This guy comes alive when the money making features kick in and when three of them are just waiting to get rolling all you have to do is spin and make sure to land the right combos. Sounds easy enough right?


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Get the Big Multipliers

As you can see there is a wheel that sits on top of the slot itself and this is where you can get the big multipliers but also get the invite to the bonus game.

You only need two of the wheel symbols to land to trigger the Bonus Wheel features and you will get 1 spin on the wheel. There are multipliers up for grabs so make sure you take it seriously. Give your win a nice boost of up to 10x your stake if you end up on the right part of the wheel.

Pick, Click and Win

While you are on the edge of your seat waiting for the big multiplier to hit, you may notice one of the symbols looking a bit different. Is it a multiplier, is it a big win? Nope, it’s a star but it will gladly bring you to the bonus game as its plus one.

You will come face to face with nine buttons waiting to be clicked. Keep picking and keep clicking while you add up the amounts. Stay away from the red cross as it will end the feature for you but keep in mind there are 3 different levels. You need to reveal the upgrade button in order to advance.

The amounts up for grabs are depended on your stake but here is the setup:

Stage 1 – Get up to 7x your stake
Stage 2 – You can get up to 15x your stake.
Stage 3 – This is where you want to be as there is a 100x your stake up for grabs.

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Spin the Wheel and Win Big

If you were to land three wheel symbols in the base game you will get 1 spin on the Bonus Wheel, just like we mentioned above but you will also get 1 spin on the Multiplier Wheel.

Summon all powers and land the 10x on both wheels and you can laugh all the way to the bank with the 100x multiplier. The trick being that the two multipliers are combined for an even bigger one.

There Is Another Bonus Game

Pick and clicks, bonus wheels and multipliers aside, don’t forget about Slot Wars. See it as another bonus game where you can get a piece of the €5,000 every week!