What Casino Licensing Is and Why You Should Care

The very first online casino, InterCasino, launched in 1996, aided by the rise of the internet in people’s homes. Online gambling grew rapidly, and by 1998 the industry was generating $834.5 million annually. Unfortunately, this rapid success saw illegal, unlicensed sites cropping up and acting with impunity, given the lack of laws and regulations around online gambling. By the early 2000s many countries saw the problem for what it was and set laws in place to not only to protect customers but also earn revenue from the practice. The result? Gaming licenses.

Game Fairness

A casino that operates without a license may rig games in their favor. Each game published on our site is rigorously tested for reliability and credibility, but this doesn’t happen on unlicensed sites. Different facilities are involved in these tests, and they don’t just happen once – they are regularly checked to prove they are fair to the operator and the player.

Licensed casinos are comprised of a board of directors or a dedicated CEO, which governments can hold liable should the casino cheat or manipulate the results of the games. The best casinos will be able to demonstrate the fairness of their games to players. You can find out more about BitStarz provability here.

Payment and Protection

Licensed casinos also guarantee that you will get paid, whereas unlicensed casinos may see funds ‘disappearing’, withdrawals being late, or never arriving. Licenses also ensure that the greatest care is taken over the safety of your confidential details. These casinos are bound by law to use technology that will protect the identity and financial information of their clients. It is the same reason that online gambling websites use SSL encryption, which many financial institutions use.

If in Doubt, Check

The world of online casinos is highly competitive, but even then, some offers may seem too good to be true. In these cases, verify that the offer comes from a properly licensed casino. If you can’t find any details online, get in touch with the casino and ask them for their gaming license number and awarding body, then confirm the details with this body. It may seem overkill, but it’s better to be sure than to risk losing your hard earned money to cheats.