Who Scooped the $20 Million Mega Moolah Jackpot?

Unless you have been living under a rock, you know about Mega Moolah and the massive jackpots that quickly accumulate. It’s the biggest and most popular jackpot slot of all time, continuously setting new world records. In the last couple of weeks, Mega Moolah looked set to break its own world record, as its mega jackpot climbed as high as $20 million. Unfortunately, an unknown player from Canada scooped the massive CAD$20,059,287.27 jackpot, meaning that the win won’t go down in the history books.

Don’t be upset though, the mega jackpot is already back up to a cool $10 million. Plus, we gained a valuable insight into a system that you can use to try and beat Mega Moolah’s totally random algorithm and take home a massive win – putting your name into this history books as the the game’s biggest winner ever!

It’s All About the Dates

A lot of the world’s best casino players believe in hot streaks, something that Mega Moolah plays right in to. The theory behind this thinking is simple, if you flip a coin 50 times, you will undoubtedly get multiple runs of the same outcome. Meaning if something has happened once or twice in a row, it’s likely to happen again.

In the last seven jackpot wins on Mega Moolah, six of those have been towards the end of the month – those being February 27th 2018, March 8th 2018, April 19th 2018, April 20th 2018, June 24th 2018, September 28th 2018, and January 30th 2019. Eagle eyed players will notice a pattern emerging here, indicating that the end of the month is the best time to play this record-breaking progressive slot.

Why Wasn’t it an “Official” World Record Win?

We aren’t quite sure what Canadian players did to upset the people who note down world record wins – sorry guys – but it must have been something pretty bad. Only wins recorded in British Pounds or Euros can enter the Guinness Book of Records, and since this huge $20,059,287.27 win was in Canadian dollars, it sadly won’t be going in the official record books.

How Did the Jackpot Climb So High?

Mega Moolah – along with most jackpot slots out there – takes a portion of every stake placed and put it into a giant pot. This pot is then used to determine the jackpot prizes in the game. For example, if you spin the reels with a $10 stake and 1% is taken to fund the prizes, you’re contributing $0.1 per spin to the jackpot. When you add up the millions of players around the world all spinning at the same time, the jackpot quickly builds up to a sizeable amount. On top of this, the mega jackpot resets to $1 million, not $0, so there’s always at least seven-figures to play for.

There is no doubt about it, if you scooped a win on Mega Moolah, it would shoot to the top of most paying games charts. Now you’re armed with the stats and knowledge to beat Mega Moolah, spin those reels and bring home the bacon – just don’t forget who gave you the winning tips!