19,594x RARE WIN: You Don’t Need to Bet Big to Win Big!

And so the streak continues… BitStarz wins – for the win! And I, for one, am enjoying seeing players reap the rewards of what this online casino and its games have to offer. February was fantastic, but March is also proving to be magic in the winning department.

This month BitStarz players have landed two Rare Wins and a Big Win, but I want to shine a light on the Rare Wins here because these guys prove that the saying “go big or go home” is not the case at all. Low bets can lead to big bucks – check it out!

Tombstone R.I.P does it again

Rare wins are all about multiplier mayhem, and last month a justice seeker bagged a killer bounty with a 9,765x multiplier in this dark and pretty disturbing slot from NoLimit City. And now, another player gunned it good in Tombstone R.I.P slot with a multiplier value of 19,594x – it’s HUGE!

And believe it or not, this was done on a €0.25 ($0.27) bet, and where the player hung their boots up with a glorious $5,401 win. A win like this is a game-changer; now imagine their fate if they bet $2.50 or $10? It would be an even bigger win explosion. BOOM!


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Punk Toilet also wizzed out a 17,281x win

NoLimit City knows how to push the boundaries, and it comes as no surprise that a player managed to pull out a glory door win of $11,384 in the new Punk Toilet slot… Another Rare Win achieved this month.

And no, this punk player did not bet high either – they spun the reaking reels with a €0.60 ($0.66) bet only. No high rollers needed here, that’s certainly clear.

And I bet both of these winners had a total blast, because the features in NoLimit City’s games are wicked and totally kick-ass!


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Low bets can mean big wins!

There you have it. The proof is in the pistol, and piss spins and wins. Low bets can make you a slot super-spinning and a big winner for sure.

These two low betters sure showed the slots who’s boss and walked off with very worthy wins. And, you could too.

BitStarz has a whole world of entertainment waiting for you, with thousands of games on offer for you to go for gold with. There’s always the potential for super surprises for every kind of player – even those who prefer to bet low.