Ace Round Delivers Non-Stop Action and Quickfire Wins!


The term “adrenaline junkie” isn’t always a positive thing, although we are all constantly looking for that something extra. When it comes to playing slots, it is not easy finding games that give you that extra rush and pull you into the action. Well, my friend, if action is what you are looking for then you have come to the right place, as Ace Round delivers in a big way!

Welcome To The Jungle

Evoplay has called upon you to join the troops and is going after terrorists in true Homeland style. Ace Round slot is the most action-filled slot you can imagine and the vibe makes you feel like your on set for the shooting of Blackhawk Down. With 5 reels and 20 paylines, there’s high intensity on tap from the get-go.

This slot is all about weapons and battle. The symbols include knives, gloves, grenades, armor, first aid kits and guns in various shapes and sizes.


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Quadrupel Wilds

In this intense battlefield, you can expect to see four different kinds of wilds. Let’s take a closer look at these war machines.

S.W.A.T Wild – This wild appears on the first reel and activates respins.

Terrorist Wild – Appears on the fifth reel and activates respins. Should S.W.A.T and Terrorist Wild appear at the same time, they will fight and determine which free spins round is activated (S.W.A.T triggers 3 free spins, and Terrorist triggers 10).

Hostage Wild – Active during S.W.A.T spins. After each spin, 5 random symbols are turned into this Wild.

Bomb Wild – Active during Terrorist spins. The participation of Bomb Wild in a winning combo multiplies the win by 5.


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Extra Ammo, Please

If you thought these were the only features in this beast, you would be sadly mistaken. You are not even safe behind your own screen as you need to keep an eye out for grenades being thrown into the mix. There are three different variations of these explosive avocados. Don’t worry, they all work in your favor.

Fire Grenade – If this symbol appears, the lowest row is burned and all symbols are shifted downward.

Smoke Grenade – All symbols are replaced by random symbols.

HE Grenade – 6-9 symbols are destroyed and replaced by random symbols.


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Welcome To The Action

This slot is so high in energy and excitement that you will forget you are even playing a slot. With the great graphics, this wartime soundtrack makes it feel like a PS4 game. It feels like an honor to be a part of Ace Round, so strap on your bulletproof vest, check your ammo and let’s go!

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