Become a Living Legend in Hercules and Pegasus Slot!

Hercules and Pegasus were two ancient Greek legends, with Hercules packing one of the best six packs known to man, and Pegasus carrying the most gorgeous wings – the envy of every winged creature in the realm. In this new fable, the two Greek gods are teaming up and heading on a rampage against the establishment to try and bag you mega wins.

If that doesn’t sound like the best adventure gods could go on, then we’re not too sure what you’ve been smoking. So, get ready to team up with these two legendary icons and take home some super big wins in Hercules and Pegasus slot!

Legendary Wins for a Legendary Duo

Every adventurer needs their trusty steed. Geralt of Rivia has Roach, Shrek has Donkey and the Duke had Dollar. Hercules is teaming up with Pegasus to make sure his battles are victorious and the loot comes home safely. If you’re going to pick an epic horse to be by your side, Pegasus is a pretty good choice. The duo will help you lift and carry home an outstanding 2,000x your stake – now you see why we needed to Greek gods to help us!

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Free Spins Gets Explosive

Free spins are the bread and butter of all good slots, so it comes as no surprise that Hercules and Pegasus carries a pretty hefty set of free spins in its armory. There are three sets of free spins up for grabs, first up we’ve got Hercules free spins. To trigger these, you need to land a bonus symbol on reels 1 and 3 with a Hercules symbol on reel 5. Pegasus free spins have the same requirements, but with a Pegasus symbol on reel 5. Finally, you can land a combo of both by landing a bonus symbol on reel 1 and 3 with both Pegasus and Hercules symbols on reel 5. You can keep triggering free spins, meaning free spins is potentially unlimited. Packing a ton of bonuses and features to help you keep winning, free spins is the place to be if you want to win big!

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Hercules and Pegasus is an action-packed games and the randomly triggered events will keep you on your toes. It’s far from just another game, so make sure you check out Hercules and Pegasus while it’s still brand-new. As you’re spinning the reels and winning big, you will earn points towards the Slot Wars leaderboard. Place in the top 30 at the end of the week to win a slice of €1,000.