Check out These 5 Fiery Pragmatic Play Slots

You better watch out, you better not cry, better not pout, I’m telling you why… Pragmatic Play is coming to town! These guys are another one of our close partners and you are in for an early Christmas treat. Let’s get ready to stuff our pockets with gold nuggets, escape the wild spells, learn about the Jade butterfly, open presents with Santa and fight dragons.

Gold Rush

The harsh conditions of working in a mine isn’t something we yearn to experience but we can imagine striking gold and find ourselves a big fat nugget. Gold Rush slot will bring our imagination to life as finding gold is exactly what you can do, over and over again. This slot plays out in the deep tunnels of a mine and you can almost feel the expectations in the air from the first spin. There’s no need to go into any other mumbo jumbo as the focus should be to land 3 or more mine shaft symbols (scatters) and let the free spin bonanza commence. Fill up the Nugget Meter with every golden nugget you get and more miners will come and help you. These guys are the highest paying symbols and with the combo of more minors and retriggered free spins, you better open up that treasure chest as it will be full in no time. We love it!


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Jade Butterfly

The music and backdrops of the games with Asian focus are always so relaxing and when combined with beautiful coloured flowers, butterflies and epic wins, well it pretty much sums up Jade Butterfly slot. This is a 5 reel game with 1024 paylines that will make you forget all about anything stress related. We must admit we haven’t read many books about this particular butterfly but who knew it was known for its generosity and the 3,000,000 coins it will give as a max payout! The free spins feature is where you will make your biggest steps towards the riches and if we were to land all this dough, we would pay tribute to the Jade butterfly by creating a butterfly haven in the garden. What will you do?


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Wild Spells

Now this baby lives up to its name. Wild Spells slot is steaming with magic so we hope you are prepared to be enchanted. The three witches (more like temptresses) in this game have really come out to play and with symbols such as spellbooks, crystal balls and potion, you know these reels will be lit. If you can stop yourself from drooling at these lively vixens, you will come to realise that this is more than just a fantastic looking game. Stacked symbols make this slot come alive time after time and you need to be aware of the jackpots that can all be yours. Landing 3, 4 or 5 of these lookers might just land you the Minor, Major or Grand Jackpot!


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Ho ho ho and welcome to Santa slot where the Christmas spirit is fantastic and the feeling is light and joyous. Not all games focusing on this fluffy old man and his white beard delivers, but you are in for a treat today as Santa himself is going nuts with both wilds and presents. We thought this would be a lame experience but, boy oh boy, were we wrong. The free spin round is where Santa is showing his big ego and totally takes over by stacking up 2 whole reels by himself. This might sound like the grand finale and although it will make you quite a bit of coin, wait until you land 3 presents and get to stand in front of the Jackpot Christmas tree. Pick and open these gifts until you get one of the 4 jackpots. Boom!


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Dragon Kingdom

Dragon Kingdom slot is calling all you Game of Thrones fanatics out there. A red headed warrior princess that controls these beasts of dragons is pretty damn attractive if you ask us. Luckily we are professionals and don’t care too much for any of that but what we do care about is all the action on these reels. Stacked wilds and multipliers left and right covered in fire and flaming hot wins will keep you glued to the spin button. When you get to the free spins by landing 3 archway scatter symbols, there’s another treat waiting. You get 5 fresh options of what stacked symbol and multiplier combo you would like for your spins. How cool is that. Spin those reels and see how it feels!


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Jackpots Are Waiting

As you can see, the wide variety of themes and fun makes these games very appealing. We enjoy trying our luck at different things so for us, when it comes to slots, the more the merrier. Fingers crossed you’ll pocket some of these epic wins or even jackpots!

Just a heads up. Depending on where you are in the world, some geographical restrictions may apply.