Beginners Guide to Sic Bo Macau

Sic Bo Macau is a variation of Sic Bo, a casino game that’s extremely popular in Asia that has been around for a long time. Sic Bo and Sic Bo Macau can look complex at first, but we’ll guide you through the basics of and show you why it’s a game favored by James Bond!

The Gameplay

At first glance, the Sic Bo table can look intimidating, but essentially each combination of numbers/dice refers to a different type of bet that can be placed and a corresponding payout, almost like choosing a number on a roulette wheel. You can wager money on each number or each die, and you are essentially betting that these dice or numbers will come up.


After you place your bet, the system will roll the three dice. The resultant combinations will be added with the dots on the three dice to constitute a final number. This number will also be used to determine if the outcome is small or big, or if it is odd or even.

The Bet Types and the Payouts

There are a number of bet types and payouts, which we’ll describe here:

Specific Triple – This is a kind of bet where you place a wager on any triple dice. For example, you can bet on triple 4. The payout is 1:24.

Specific Double – This is a bet that pays 1:8. You win this is you placed a wager on the double dice symbol, and you land any two dice of the same kind.

Total – These are the numbers 4 to 17. If you place a wager on any of these numbers, and the total of the three dice equal your choice, you win carrying prizes between 1:6 and 1:50.

Small and Big – This is also based on the sum of the three dice. Small is 4 to 10, but not triple, and big is 11 to 17, but not a triple. The payout is 1:1.

Two-Dice Combo – This is the area where you can wager on a combination of two dice. If the three dice show any of these two, you win 1:5.

Singles – This is a wager where you place a bet on a single die. If any of the three dice show that number, you win different prizes. If one die shows the number, you win 1:1, if two dice show the number. You win 1:2, and then 1:3 of three dice show the die of your choice.

Just the Start…

Sic Bo Macau can look confusing to new players, but once you know the basics it’s a relatively simple game to understand, from which you can adopt strategies and take your game to the next level. Play Sic Bo Macau today and see what you’ve been missing out on!