Is This the Most Ridiculous Bet of All-Time?


Ever since we were kids, stupid bets have always been close to our hearts. If you are not the one encouraging them, then surely one of your friends is the one who is always looking for it. Some of these bets are quite lame, but fun and serves the purpose of boosting our lives with a bit of excitement. Then, there’s the other kind where nobody except the person making them can figure out why this would be a good idea. Most often in these situations, you really want to make a point of how moronic this idea really is so you agree to it.

This is one of those stories where one might wonder what goes through someone’s head

On a Drunken Night

Brian Zembic is the man of the hour and as a magician and a gambler, his background is a big part of how and why he became “famous.” Zembic, also known as the Wiz, was on a roll during the 1990s and it is safe to say he loved making crazy bets. 1996 was the year for one of these, when he and his friend, called Jobo, were enjoying a few beers together. They started discussing breast implants and Jobo thought women getting breast implants to attract men was completely nuts and unnecessary. Brian on the other hand found this to not be as big of a deal. As the evening went on and the disagreement regarding this topic continued, the idea of a bet started to take form.

They decided to make a small wager and Zembic would go through with the process of getting himself breast implants. The bet was that if he kept this new addition to his body for a year, Jobo would give him $100,000. For this bet to be real, they worked out the fine print and they would use a third party to be in charge of the money, in order for the money to be paid out, should the Wiz complete the task. Zembic would be the one paying for the surgery of putting in size 38C implants.

Follow Through or Not to Follow Through

Considering this was a discussion from a drunken night, Zembic didn’t go through with the operation. That is until he lost a bunch of his money on stocks. Zembic managed to make a deal with a cosmetic surgeon that owed him money, to trade the debt in for the surgery in October that same year. Upon hearing the news, Jobo suggested a buyout where he would only pay half of the money, which Zembic turned down. Instead, he completed the bet in the following year and received his $100,000.


Fox Purchased the Movie Rights

You might think this is the end of the story, but you would be wrong. He actually decided to keep the implants and became somewhat of a local celebrity. A few years later, this story was even covered in a book of short stories. According to Zembic, there was even a movie in the plans of which Fox bought the rights to. One of the reasons he kept them in, was apparently that every year, as Fox had to renew the rights, Zembic said they told him to keep them in as it would be fun for him to appear at the end of the movie. This, however, has been refuted, by the producer saying “Sure, it would be great for marketing, but we could always find another way.”

Implants Still Intact

There has been no update on the story as of late, however, during 2013 Zembic still had not removed his beloved breast implants. This is not the most common of wagers, thank God, but for entertainment purposes we sure enjoy them!

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