Land Godly Wins in Rise of Olympus Slot!


The Greek gods were never anything to be messed with, but there’s nothing stopping you from using their power to win big. If you’ve been well behaved and repented for your sins, the gods will be kind to you in Rise of Olympus Slot and grant you a mega-sized payday.

Buckle up, this is going to be one hell of a ride as we meet Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades!

Earth Shattering Wins

Playing with the gods is never going to end well, unless they’re on your side that is. In Rise of Olympus you team up with Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades to rumble the reels and bring the hammer down on the slots. The max win from a single spin is 1,000 coins, but if you ask the gods nicely, they could help you win up to 5,000x your original stake – now that’s a win to shout about.

Obey the Hand of God

Every so often, you will randomly trigger the Hand of God feature. Only appearing on a losing spin, the god that’s stood to the right of the reels will activate his power and try to help you carve out a win. Hades will transform one set of symbols into a different set, Poseidon will spawn up to 2 wilds, while Zeus will destroy 2 sets of symbols. Once the god has used up his power and the round has finished, the god on the right will change – it’s hard work being all-powerful.

Unleash the Wrath of Olympus

Fully charge the wrath meter by landing wins that use the god symbol. You need to clear 5 god symbols to fill the meter and trigger the Wrath of Olympus. Here, the reel will refresh with new symbols and the gods will take it in turns to unleash their powers on the reels. This is your best shot to unlock free spins mode and win that tasty 5,000x your original stake. More winning combos means a higher multiplier, so root for the gods as they do their thing.

Spinning Around Olympus

There is an epic free spins mode available that allows you to win up to 5,000x your original stake, but activating the mode isn’t an easy task – even with the help of the gods. To activate the free spins mode, you need to completely clear the reels – making Wrath of Olympus a particularly helpful bonus mode.

Once you enter the free spins mode, you have to pick a god to take into battle with you. Hades will give you 4 free spins with a recharge of 4 extra free spins, Poseidon will give you 5 free spins with a recharge bonus of 3 free spins and Zeus will dish out 8 free spins with a recharge bonus of 2 free spins. The lower the amount of spins, the bigger your win potential, so pick carefully.

On every non-winning spin, the Hand of God feature will be triggered using the powers belonging to the god you sided with at the start of free spins. If you can fill the meter, you can win an additional 20 free spins – so keep pushing hard.

Put Your Name in the History Books!

Rise of Olympus is jam-packed with epic features that will help you land bigger wins than Mount Olympus itself. The symbols are well designed and the bonus games are truly stunning. As you’re battling with the gods, you will earn points towards the Slot Wars leaderboard. If you place in the top 30 at the end of the week, you will win a slice of €1,000 – so, team up with the gods and bring home the gold!

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