Last Man Standing? Try Last Men Standing – We Have 2 Winners!

BitStarz legendary Last Man Standing battle royale… Is still ongoing. Can you bleeping believe that? Over three years later!  

Let me set the tone. In the early days of 2019 (Remember those? COVID who?), the brains behind the brand came up with a promotion that would have players competing to become the ultimate Last Man Standing. 

This meant they had to play every day. Yes. Everyday. You know life happens. Things come up. A night with a sordid stranger turns into a weekend-stand. We’ve all been there.  

Who could have predicted that not one but two unstoppable players would indeed play for 1,227 days straight! 

BitStarz has decided that it’s time to bring the battle to a close and title both these unwavering wagerers, the Last Man Standing, and award them each the €5,000 prize. 

Meet the world’s most unstoppable players!

BitStarz Last Man Standing started on 26 February 2019. The requirements were to wager at least €20 on a daily basis. Failing to do so would see players eliminated from the competition.  

Seven players made it all the way through to 26 February 2020. And as the days, months, and years went on, two players stood strong in their endeavor. 

Let’s call them Black Widow and Iron Man for anonymity. Ok, I don’t know if they’re the world’s most unstoppable players, but they sure are in my eyes.  

Notre Dame burns; they played. Trump gets impeached; they played. Djokovic takes on Federer in the Wimbledon Final; they played. All hell broke loose in 2020; they played. They even played through the entire Depp vs. Heard trial! 

Who knows when they’d stop playing? When cars fly, perhaps.     

Why not just keep the competition going?

BitStarz had two options. Let the two last-standing competitors continue their streak of ultimate determination until one EVENTUALLY gives in. Or, dip into their pockets and give away an extra €5,000 in the name of this game.  

Now, I don’t know many people, let alone companies, who just willy-nilly volunteer to give away thousands of euros. But this is just another example of why BitStarz is the best in the biz. They’re so devoted to their players. And always favor fairness.  

This is a casino with heart. The right thing to do is award both players for their fantastic loyalty. And that’s precisely what they’re doing. 

While neither Black Widow nor Iron Man can claim the legendary title of being the Last Man Standing, after 1,227 days, they have undoubtedly both shown themselves to be worthy of a shared, Last MEN Standing accolade. 

Well done!