Mega Moolah Resets to A Cool €7 Million Jackpot!

It’s without a doubt that Mega Moolah is one of the most infamous jackpot casino games that has ever been created. It’s famed for making millionaires from single spins, and it’s even broken a few world records in the process. Back in February we noted that the Mega Moolah jackpot was rising towards €10 million, and it surpassed that figure, reaching €16.49 million at the start of the week.

Offering a potential ticket into the Guinness Book of Records, the latest jackpot was won by a Canadian player, meaning no records this time around. But, there is one exciting detail. As the player won in CAD, that means the jackpot reset back to a cool €7 million!

A Juicy Reset for Other Players

While it does suck that somebody won the jackpot, you’ve got to look at the small victories. Due to the player winning in CAD, it means the payout will still leave some cash in the pot. Mega Moolah paid out the full jackpot amount, but in CAD. With one CAD equaling around CAD$1.52, that means the €16.49 million jackpot would be worth just over CAD$25 million. Thanks to the game mechanics, Mega Moolah paid out CAD$16.49 million, leaving CAD$8.51 million in the pot. Mega Moolah always resets to €1 million, plus the €5.58 million leftover from the Canadian win and you’ve got a pot worth €6.58 million. In the past few hours, we’ve seen the jackpot rise by more than half a million Euros, bringing the new jackpot to just over €7 million!

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How Can I Win the Jackpot?

While €7 million isn’t quite the €16.5 million on offer earlier this week, it’s still a huge amount of cash and we can’t blame you for wanting to increase your odds of winning. The smallest stake that led to a jackpot winner was €0.30, so it just shows that you don’t need to bet big to win big. However, you do have more chance of winning a chance to spin the wheel of fortune to try and win the jackpot when your bet size is higher, so do bear this in mind. Secondly, a lot of winners have popped up towards the end of months. Unfortunately, Mega Moolah uses a random number generator, so looking at patterns like this isn’t likely to give you any edge – it’s more of a fun fact.

What are you waiting for? Get out there and spin the reels on Mega Moolah and try and win that jackpot. If you win, remember who gave you the juicy tips on how to win the Mega Moolah jackpot!