Solving the mystery to the slots RNG and House Edge

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So today we’re giving you a little rundown on the function of the online slots RNG (Random Number Generator) and a better understanding of how it works, how it influences the game, and how important it is for you as a player and to the gambling industry as a whole.

You want to be sure that you’re playing games that are 100% fair with random results, right? Good, because at BitStarz, we believe in transparency, honesty, fairness, and of course, giving you our valued players, the best possible experience while playing your favorite casino games. This is why we share our knowledge and expertise with all who care to listen, and it’s totally free – you’re welcome!

How do slots RNG work?

Have you ever wondered how a casino ensures that all online casino games are fair and honest? Well, that’s where the RNG comes in. The online slots Random Number Generator is a function programmed into a casino game’s software that calculates a sequence of random numbers, and it does this using a special algorithm to produce unsystematic results.


This random sequence of numbers generated by the RNG maps to corresponding positions and symbols on the reels, telling each reel in which position to stop. The online slots RNG calculates these random number sequences continuously, and as soon as you click to spin the reels, one of these sequences is sent through the software and the outcome is calculated with a totally random result.

The most basic form of a Random Number Generator could be seen as a pair of dice. Every time you roll the dice, the outcome is completely random, right? It’s the same with RNG slot games. Every spin has a random outcome, and cannot be influenced by the casino, nor the player. And that is what makes our online casino games 100% fair and unalterable.

Can you trust an RNG?

Naturally, most people are skeptical about online gambling and how online casinos are operated. But the truth is that licensed online casinos are fully regulated and controlled by international gaming commissions which are responsible for the regulation, authorization, supervision, control, and if need be, the punishment of unlawful gambling activities.

These gaming authorities also analyze the RNG algorithm through a series of tests to determine legitimacy. If the RNG fails these tests, the casino, as well as the software provider, will not be granted a license to operate.

The good news? BitStarz is fully licenced and we pass with flying colors! Many of our games are Provably Fair too, allowing you to independently verify all the outcomes of the game.

Why Does the “House” Need an “Edge”?

Well, we need to keep the lights on and your favorite casino in operation, don’t we? So yes, we do need a little piece of the fun. And when it comes to slot games in general, the house edge is on average a theoretical 5%, or even lower in some cases. Take the new Blazing Bull 2 slot for example. This one has a house edge of 2.79% in the Hyperbonus!


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Does this mean you’ll lose 2.79% every time you play? Not at all! This percentage is calculated over thousands of spins, so there’s no saying what could happen during the time you spend playing the slot.

You may have heard the term “Return to Player” (RTP) before. This refers to the player’s payback percentage – the opposite side of the house edge. For example, if the slots RTP is 96%, that means the house edge is only 4%.

House Edge is also a very useful tool for a player to determine which games could be the most profitable. But then again, it is never guaranteed that you’ll keep 96% of your investment. You might just lose a little more, or you could end up waist-deep in a pile of cash – that’s gambling for you!

Play with a casino you can trust!

As you can see, we’re not shy to let you in and provide the peace of mind needed to ensure your gaming experience with BitStarz is honest and fair, and that it exceeds all your expectations. We pride ourselves in operating a fair and transparent gaming platform – and we’re the best at it!

We hope you’ve learned a thing or two about the mysteries of the online slots RNG, and how it does indeed benefit you as a player. Now you can hit the reels knowing you’re in good hands! And remember to dream big, but most importantly, win BIGGER at BitStarz!