Mystery Planet Slot Is the True Home of Intergalactic Wins

How long will it be until the destinations we travel to are swapped out for other planets? The distance would be a real issue for us though as we don’t even like long flights as it is. Even if the speed was up to par, would you be willing to spend let’s say, 3 months, just to get there on a space shuttle or would the many destinations here on earth be as far as you can go? We can’t even imagine getting stuck next to a screaming baby or someone with a really bad stench for that period of time!

In the Mystery Planet slot we can get a glimpse of how some planets might look but we can also start building a solid travel budget with the alien like wins you can expect!

Strap on the moon boots and prepare to set foot on the rocky landscape of this inhabitable (at least for now) planet.

Mystery Planet Climate Changes

Floating around in thin air, the symbols that exist on this planet seem to show us the climate isn’t all that different from ours after all. Weather phenomenon such as lightning, tornadoes and a fiery looking swirl give us hope about the possibility for things to grow there after all, especially the payouts. Scatters and wilds are both combined with some sort of space rock as a symbol.


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A Galaxy Far Far Away

Heading to another planet in a galaxy far far away doesn’t mean you can escape free spins. Not that we would understand any reasons why you would want to flee them but you get the drift… this slot has them. Although scatters only appear on reels 1, 3 and 5, you will still need to land 3 or more of them to see how much dough you can rake in by spinning 20 of them.


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Increasing Multipliers

The beauty of being in space is how the thin air affects the multipliers, as every time you create a winning combo the symbols involved will disappear and make room for new ones. For each transformation, the multiplier will increase by one step and during the free spins, the increase is even higher.

Entertainment for All Species

Alien or human, this slot will take you on an exciting journey and with stunning graphics you can really build a solid pile of money. Exciting features and intergalactic wins triggers the fantasy about some day visiting another planet and in another lifetime it could happen but until then, come hang with us on Mystery Planet.

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