Roll the Dice to Victory in Super Sic Bo at BitStarz!

Dice is one of the oldest gambling games known to man, and thanks to its simplicity it has attracted the attention of millions from around the globe. Simply bet on a range of outcomes from the roll of a few dice and you could walk away with mega wins and even property back in the day. Unfortunately, you can only win big bucks here at BitStarz, so leave your property deeds at home for this one!

So, let’s dive into the high-definition Super Sic Bo live from BitStarz Casino!

Roll the Dice

The rules are simple, pick an outcome you think is going to happen, place your chips and wait for the dice to roll – or vibrate in this case. Three die are housed inside of a glass container, and when the dealer wishes to shake the die, the bottom of the container vibrates erratically, causing the die to twist and turn. If a die lands stuck on the side of the glass, the die will be rolled once more – even if it’s pretty clear what the outcome should be. The rules are simple, and this is exactly why Sic Bo has been such a popular game for so many years.

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Pick Your Bets Carefully

At the start of each round, you get around 18 seconds to pick your bets from an intuitive and well laid out options screen. There are tons of bets to pick from, but pay attention to the text surrounding each bet. For example, in small text over big and small it says that it won’t pay out on triples. These little conditions are vital to pay attention to if you’re planning on breaking the bank and taking home millions from a single session. You can quickly and easily place the same bets, double down and place new bets with this handy screen – so make the most of it!


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Use the Stats to Your Advantage

In the bottom right-hand corner there are some handy stats waiting for you to use. Not many players use these stats to their advantage, but if you use them well you can tip the odds in your favor. Keep a close eye on the hot numbers and outcomes, this will let you place smart bets and have a better chance of walking away with a winning round. These stats update in real time, so after each round they will update to keep you in the game.


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Keep your eye out for the special multipliers that are chosen at random each round. Some outcomes will be given a random multiplier, giving you the chance of winning a big stack of cash from the round. They’re picked at random, but never land on 1:1 bets such as odds, evens, high or low, so bear this in mind when placing your bets.


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So, get your dice game at the ready and perfect that strategy, Super Sic Bo is a hot game here at BitStarz, and we know you’re going to love it. The dealers are friendly, so don’t be shy and send them a message – just don’t be creepy, please. Best of all, as you’re rolling the die you can earn points towards the Table Wars leaderboard. Place in the top 20 at the end of the week to win a slice of €1,000!