Only Those Who Possess Midas Touch Can Unlock the Midas Treasure

Greek mythology tells a story about King Midas and his ability to turn everything he touched into gold, which is where the term “to have the Midas touch” comes from. Kalamba Games has presented you with a golden opportunity to put your own touch to the test and see what you can do with the magical reels of the Midas Treasure slot.

A slot jam-packed with free spins, multiplier wilds and bonus games also features the impeccable Hyper Bonus that can take you straight to the free spins without a single spin, if you so desire.

So, gently place your finger on the spin button, channel the golden touch of King Midas and get your hands on his golden treasure. We’re off to Greece!

A Teaser of What’s to Come

Your journey towards the treasure will go through 5 reels and 40 paylines where marble columns solidify the look of an ancient Greek palace and hold the grid in place. Seeing the gold on screen is just a teaser of what’s to come.

Being a low/medium volatility game with an RTP of 93.62%, the Greeks always knew how to spice things up and there is a lot going on in this game besides the actual reels. You’ll have a floating silver coin on your right and both the Hyper kids (Bonus and Bet) on your left. Be sure to take notice as they will play a big part in getting your paws on to the €12,000 max win.


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Set Yourself up With Free Spins and Multipliers

Free spins are always a welcomed addition in our book and there is more than one way for you to get to them.

The traditional way would be to land 3 of the bonus symbols, which will activate a random number of free spins and multipliers.

Your other option will save you a ton of time and goes by the name of Hyper Bonus. This little nugget sits in your top left hand corner just waiting to be activated. You can set yourself up with up to 10 free spins with 5x wild multiplier and spin your way to the big bucks.

Look Out for the Golden Touch

During the free spins, keep an eye out for the hand with the golden touch. Every time you land one, it will be collected in the meter on your right and when you get 3 of them you’ll get an additional 2 free spins. Nice!

How to Get to the Bonus Game

We mentioned a floating silver coin earlier and when coins land on the reels they will start to fill the coin meter. When you have filled it all the way to the top, you have opened the doors to the bonus game.

You will be given 3 spins on a new grid where the game is simple. The more gold coins you can collect, the bigger the reward!

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Do You Have the Midas Touch?

This is a really fun game and the fact that you can literally turn things into gold, in true King Midas fashion, makes us want to come back and spin time and time again.

It’s time to get hyped up as the time has come for you to explore if you have the same powers as the King and get yourself a nice chunk out of the Midas Treasure. Good luck!