How to Understand Game Volatility and Use it To Your Advantage

At the beating heart of every game is this fantastic metric – volatility. Volatility determines how much you can win and how often you can win, arguably the only two factors of a game that players care about. Unfortunately, volatility is widely misunderstood, and many people think that simply by playing a high volatility game they will strike it rich. Sadly, that’s not how it works, so we figured it’s time to get down to the core of volatility and let you know how it works. After all, we want you to enjoy your time playing games and nothing makes you happier than winning.

So, with this in mind, let’s get into the nitty gritty world of volatility to help you pick the best games based on your desires.

Three Different Levels

Chances are you what a game’s volatility is, and that’s a great start. But using this information to enhance your chances of winning can be rather tricky for the uninitiated. So, let’s kick off with the three levels of volatility. First up, we have low volatility games. These games will have small max wins and will pay out wins fairly frequently. The max win on these games from a single spin could be as low as €5,000, but your chances of winning that big win are a little better than on a higher volatility games.

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Next up, we’ve got medium, sometimes known as standard, volatility games. These games will have slightly larger max wins and wins will be a little less frequent than in low volatility games. These are great for the everyday player as the risk versus payout is rather well balanced. While you can go a while without a significant win, you know there is a win just around the corner.

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Finally, we’ve got high volatility games. These beats will often pack a massive max win, but the max win will come around once in a blue moon. You could go a hundred spins without seeing a win, but when that win comes along it’s going to make you a millionaire. So, with this information, you can decide how much fun you want to have based on your goals. If you’re playing for a bit of fun, you’re best off sticking with low and medium volatility. If you’re chasing that mega win, you need to spin the high volatility reels.

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Play Smarter

Higher volatility games are wonderful when they’re hot and paying out the big bucks, but they can also go a while without paying at all. This cold spell can often wipe out your entire bankroll if you’re a smaller stakes player, so think very carefully which games you play. If you only have a small bankroll, consider playing the low and medium volatility games. You will get more enjoyment for your money and you stand a better chance of making a profit. While you can get lucky and win big in a high volatility game as a small stakes player, you have a higher chance of getting wiped out before lady luck comes knocking. So, play smarter and enjoy your time at the casino.

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Some Games Let You Control Volatility

For the large part, volatility is set by the game developers and we have no control over it. This means you might miss out on some epic titles as the volatility level doesn’t suit your play style. That being said, a handful of developers have created a button that lets you adjust the volatility level. Wazdan games all come equipped with this button, allowing you to play their epic games at the volatility level you prefer. These games are perfect if you want to try out a different volatility and compare how the different levels match up.

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Now you know all about volatility, you can hit the reels with a better chance of coming out on top. Don’t be silly and chance your arm on a high volatility game if you’ve got a small bankroll, you will end up losing more and faster than ever before. Stick to the lower and medium volatility games and you will have much more fun, with much more chance of winning!