Playing at an Online Casino is the Best, and Here is Why!

You might call us biased, but playing at an online casino is the best casino experience you can possibly have. Sure, that’s a pretty bold statement, but we’re determined to prove to you just how much fun you can have at an online casino. While you might not get to see semi-nude women dancing around poles while you spin the reels, or get to chat up the local talent while playing blackjack like a pro, you can still get your hands on some pretty epic action.

So, let’s try and show you just how much fun you can have at an online casino and why they’re the best!

You Don’t Have to Wait for Your Favorite Games!

Let’s say you’re out at your local casino and there is this one particular slot that you want to play but there is someone already on it…. Dun, dun dun; it’s the end of the world. See, had you opted to head over to the beautiful BitStarz Casino instead of getting dressed up, driving for an hour, showing your ID and barging past tons of people; you could have put on the kettle, opened up your laptop and sat down on the couch with your favorite game all ready to go. Millions of people can be playing the same game at the same time, so you never need to worry about having to wait for your turn – it’s brilliant!!

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New Games Landing Every Week

The trouble with land-based casinos is that getting new games onto the casino floor is a logistical nightmare. They’ve got to clear out old machines, plug in the new ones and set them up – not to mention the cost of installing these heavy machines. On the other hand, online casinos can add brand-new games by the dozen every week, it’s as simple as adding a couple of lines of code. This means you can never get bored of the games on offer at an online casino, and here at BitStarz we currently have more than 2,700 action-packed games waiting for you to play. On average, we add around 4 games every week, so make sure you stay tuned to the lobby for the latest releases!

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Cashouts Are Virtually Instant

Have you ever won at a land-based casino before and tried to change your chips back into money the stores accept? It’s one of the most frustrating experiences. Large queues mean that you could end up waiting for a good half hour or so, and then if you’re changing up a large amount they will probably take you upstairs to a quieter location while they count your cash. Here at BitStarz, we aim to give you’re your money as fast as possible – after all, it’s your money. The average cashout time is under 10 minutes, which is one of the fastest cashout times for an online casino. All this speed means you can spend more time doing the things that are most important to you, whether it’s buying your partner a new car, booking a much-needed holiday or catching some sweet z’s.

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Online Casinos Welcome You with Open Arms

Whether you want to play at 8am, turn up blind drunk or stoned out of your mind, we will never turn you away – not like those fussy land-based casinos. We believe it’s your right to do whatever you want with your life, so we don’t judge and throw you out just because you like to party. Best of all, when you sign up at BitStarz, you will get yourself 20 free spins. Then, over your first 4 deposits, you can get up to €500/5BTC and an additional 180 free spins. The best you will get at a land-based casino is a complimentary coffee and toasted sandwich. Play smart with your money and get the best bang for your buck!


Our Promotions Are Bigger and Better – No Joke!

When you’re playing at a land-based casino, there is a good chance there will be some promotions running, with you being able to win something like a new car or a couple of nights in a special hotel. While these are fun, they’re usually tied to one or two games where you have a terrible chance at winning. Fortunately, here at BitStarz we’re able to hand craft our epic promotions so that you can have the very best chance of taking home the big prizes. Best of all, if you want to take a few days break, it’s fine. Your progress will be saved and you can pick back up where you left.


We’ve sent players all around the globe, and on life changing trips. Players have won epic trips to the FIFA World Cup finals in Russia, gone to Bali and sipped cocktails on private beaches, partied hard at spring break in Cancun and spun the reels in Las Vegas. The promotions never end here at BitStarz, so make sure you’re maximizing your chances of winning promotions by playing at an online casino.

Just Play Online

There you have it. We’re pretty confident that we’ve managed to persuade you towards the online life. If all of these reasons why an online casino is best hasn’t persuaded you, then we’re not sure what will. Live table games give you the casino experience from your own living room, so make sure you pay them a visit. We can’t wait to see you over at BitStarz and spinning the reels like a pro!