Swing Your Sword and Fight Your Way Through the Barbary Coast

On the long voyage towards the dangerous waters in Barbary Coast slot, the swords are sharp like the teeth of piranhas and the rum is just as lethal. The life of a buccaneer such as Jack Sparrow or Captain Black Beard may sound exciting and fun but if you get easily seasick like us, it could be your worst nightmare. For others as well, considering the dangerous crew that could slash your neck for looking at them the wrong way or take an extra piece of food. Even if you were a captain, you would always have the thought of mutiny from a rebellious crew.

Is the cocky parrot the only one considered safe? The history books never really say much about animal cruelty on board but if push came to shove, he must have been able to sense the danger of being slaughter for a good meal, washed down with a bottle of rum.

If you are still tempted to give this life a go, then by all means climb aboard and let us set sail in our journey towards the treacherous Barbary Coast.

The Skull Will Challenge You

The intro to this challenging mission is worth an extra look. As the 3D graphics give you a hint of what is to come, you still have time to change your mind. On a ship of 5 reels and 30 paylines, these pirates offer no mercy on their way through the high seas. The symbols you will encounter are treasure maps, pistols, parrots, cannons, gold coins and a few of the main characters.


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Magnificent Bonus Features

We should’ve known a ship this size would have a ton of exciting features. Drinking, rope swinging and sword fights, where do we even start?

If you’re up for a drink, why not challenge one of the big fat crew members. This guy is as confident as they come and it’s a simple game of coin flip to see whether it’s you or him that will toss back a shot of spiced rum. A perfect opportunity for product placement by Captain Morgan right? The one having to knock back 3 of them will get wasted and lose. You can still make some money but the hangover will be a nightmare so try to win!


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Black Beard Fight Feature

We hope you took fencing classes as a young buck because you are going to need all the skills in order to survive and free the damsel in distress. Land 3 or more of Black Beard and get ready to fight. Before the fight, choose your tactic and pray to the pirate gods that they will work against the very experienced Black Beard. Be smart and slash him to pieces, as this is the only way to rescue and win the lady´s love.


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The Fast and the Furious

We take it back. This life is too much fun and there is very effective medicine for sea sickness these days. To take a couple of pills in order to join this crazy crew on an adventure like this seems like a price we are willing to pay. This slot is a pirate version of The Fast and the Furious, non-stop action! Are you with us or are your legs already shaking?