Major wins are lurking beneath the surface in Scruffy Duck slot

All the credit to Disney and all the amazing characters they have created for as over the years. Without going too deep into it, we have our favorites and then there are others that would be better off in the trash. The Duck family has always been fun to follow as they deal with real family issues such as annoying nephews and cheap rich uncles. Today we get to meet a few of the cousins in the Scruffy Duck slot so let’s take a closer look at what havoc and payouts we will be dealing with in this game.

Get ready to take a plunge into the pond and see what treasures are hiding in these duck infested waters.

Meet the Duck Family

With 25 paylines at hand, these 5 reels are ready to put on a show for you, with the little duckies in charge of the entertainment. In terms of symbols, you will find a whole bunch of eggs containing letters while the rest of the characters are all ducks and they come in a few different shapes and forms.

There is the cool duck with the backwards hat and the boombox on his shoulder. You will also find the stylish lady duck with freshly blow dried hair eager to flirt for some attention while the daddy duck is busy talking on his cell phone. To finish it off there is the little duckling giving you a cheeky wink, letting you know he’s up for a good time.


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Expanding Wild Duck

Features are like people, you’re not going to like all of them. We do like the ones in this game though and there is some real money to be made from them. The expanding wild duck for example, blows up and surely catches your eyes with its potential to create winning combos out of nowhere.


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A Pond Full of Special Features

What pond doesn’t hide a few free spins under the surface? This is where you want to go to snap up the big wins in this game. Trigger the feature by landing 3 or more of the free spin symbols. Before you can start spinning, you will have to choose your favorite duck in the pond to give you a special feature for your spins.

There are a few different variations so think twice before making your choice as it can have a big impact on your winnings.

  • 15 Free spins, with a 3x multiplier
  • 12 Free spins, with symbols removed from the reels
  • 8 Free spins, with 2 to 5 random symbols added to the reels
  • 6 Free spins, with 2 random extra features


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Family Reunion

We see now why Scruffy and the gang aren’t invited to the family dinners with Donald and the boys. They are way too generous with their money and they payout big wins left and right and as we all know, this would not go down well with Uncle Scrooge. They seem to be doing very well on their own though so we are not worried. These guys are a lot of fun and we are already planning another get together real soon. If you’re up for it you can be our plus one?