The Ghosts Are Real and so Is the Money in Phantom Cash Slot

When it comes to catching ghosts, nothing or nobody could ever match the crew in the original Ghostbusters. After all, who you gonna call? Slimy green monsters and a Michelin man suffering from gigantism would freak anyone out and it’s nice to know you can just pick up the phone. The ghost catchers in Phantom Cash slot have their work cut out for them but with a title like that we are more concerned about the cash being real or like a phantom limb, only in our heads. We won’t be able to sleep until we find out!

Thurmingham and Carstairs

So far, the 5 reels and 25 paylines from Microgaming look as real as it gets. The 4 ghosts could all get jobs in haunted houses and their glam squad did a great job with their makeup. All of them seem to come from the same time period so perhaps they once belonged to the same group of friends or they could even be family members.

Thurmingham and Carstairs are the two ghost catchers, appearing as symbols, and although they have nothing to do with each other it’s hard to ignore the fact that Thurmingham looks like Robert Downey Jr as Sherlock Holmes. Do you agree? The spooky old mansion where the ghosts seem to live, represents the scatter. To round off the special symbols, the wilds will multiply each win with x2 and will only appear on reels 1 and 5. Thurmingham is in charge of reel numero uno while Carstairs takes care of the last reel.


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Ghost Zap Feature

The main feature in this banana hammock is the Ghost Zap feature. In order to get there, you need to land 3 or more of the spooky mansion. Your ghost meter will start at 8 and will tell you the amount of ghosts needing to be captured and this dynamic duo are the only ones for the job. When one of them lands on the same row as our heroes, they will be zapped. The reward for capturing these looney spirits is a x2 multiplier and if both ghost hunters are on the same row, the zapped ghost will give you a x4.


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It’s a Win Win

It is with great joy we can reveal that the wins in this baby are as real as it gets. Zapping evil spirits and collecting wins boosted with spicy multiplies is now one of our favorite hobbies. Perhaps there is an online course where they teach you how to become a real ghost hunter! Until we manage to get our hunting license, we will keep spinning these reels and practice our capturing skills. While doing so, we will also build a purse big enough to cover the registration fee. Now that’s a win win in our eyes and when we have our license, then who you gonna call?