Hit the Roulette Table in a Brand-New Angle with Roulette 3D

If you’re a big fan of roulette, then you’re going to love this brand-new version that has just dropped from Evoplay Entertainment. Evoplay Entertainment has been trying to breathe life into the world of 3D games, and it’s done very well with a few of its latest titles, including the very impressive 3D RPG game, Dungeon: Immortal Evil.

Today, we’re bringing you the impressive world of 3D Roulette from Evoplay Entertainment, and we know you’re going to love it – especially if you’re missing the casino floor!

Detail in Every Angle

Sure, there are dozens of live roulette tables you can play at that have crystal clear and crisp visuals, but do they give you the angle you need to feel the table? What American 3D Roulette has managed to do is truly masterful. It throws you into a real-world view, allowing you to move the chips, change your angles and see real depth in the graphics. You can click the camera icon and adjust your view of the game, just as if you were to move around the table in real life. The chips on the table have a nice height to them, the chairs have depth and you can even see just how comfy they are. There’s a lot of effort and detail gone into this masterpiece.

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All Your Favorite American Roulette Action

It’s without a doubt that American Roulette is the hottest variant of roulette thanks to the wide range of bets you can sneak on, unlike in European Roulette. Watch out for the double 0s while you enjoy your five number bets, but beware that the En Prison rule isn’t around to keep you safe. This does mean the house edge is around 1.35% higher, but that’s an edge we’re willing to take. If you’re looking at table limits, you can place a max wager of €100, meaning the max win is €36,000 from a single turn of the wheel.

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American Roulette 3D is truly a masterpiece that will change how you play roulette online for the foreseeable future. The amount of detail that’s gone in to pull this off is incredible, and no shortcuts have been taken. If you’re interested in shaking up your roulette experience, or simply fancy trying something new, we highly recommend giving American 3D Roulette a try – who knows, it might become your new favorite game!