Trick or Treat With 630 Spooky Free Spins This Weekend!

The gathering of ghosts, werewolves and fangs are once again upon us and no matter how scary, it is one of our favorite holidays of the year. Creepy costumes and parties aside, it is hard to make improvements to Halloween, but it should come as no surprise that we have managed to come up with something that will put a devilish spin on the entire weekend.

Watch how 630 spooktacular free spins can drown out the sound of horror and the only screaming being heard is the one coming from you winning big!

How Do I Get 630 Free Spins?

That is the million dollar question and the answer is scary simple. All you need to do is to make a deposit each day and you can get up to 210 free spins, every single day this weekend. Quick math will tell you that this means you can get up to a total of 630 free spins. Crazy, we know!

Let’s Look at the Setup:

  • Deposit €30 get 30 free spins
  • Deposit €60 get 90 free spins
  • Deposit €120 get 210 free spins

This Is When It Is All Going Down

BitStarz Halloween Free Spins Weekend will be kicking off on Friday, October 30th until Sunday, November 1st, 2020. Make it a weekend to remember!

Where Can I Use My Free Spins?

We know you want to go wild and crazy with your newfound free spins, but not all slots dare to step up during Halloween. There are a few heroes out there, ready to take on the challenge.

Play Now

You can spin until the cows come home on the following 3 slots when you have your free spins in hand.

Big Money Wins – Here We Go!

The trick or treaters may have to sort themselves out with candy this weekend, while you go on a tear with your new monster collection of free spins. Put the bowl of candy by your door so that you can spin your way to a small fortune in peace!