Volcanoes Are Erupting With Flaming Wins in the Epic Journey Slot

Volcanoes Are Erupting With Flaming Wins in the Epic Journey Slot

Every now and then a slot comes around and changes the way you view all the others. We are so used to the 3 or 5 reels that we take them for granted. It’s time to snap out of the funk and open our eyes to new ways of playing these fantastic games and thanks to Quickspin, we are in for a new adventure! The Epic Journey slot breaks all barriers with their new look and we are so excited to share this with you.

They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, but we are willing to bet we are learning something new today. This slot will take us on a journey with 3 slots in one!

Bring Home the Big Bucks

The action takes place on a 5×4 reel with 100 paylines but the creators have thrown in 3 of them and they are all ready to work their butts off to bring you home some epic wins. Joining us in our search for the big bucks are 5 different explorers and 5 different gemstones. If we take off the blinders and look at the special symbols that come into play we will find a wild, volcano wild, droll bonus scatter, free spin mammoth wild, free spin sea creature wild and free spin T-Rex wild.

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Erupting Volcanoes

We promised erupting volcanoes and we don’t lie. This is a really cool feature and you can tell by its name “The Wild Volcano” that it’s a hot one. When 2 or 3 volcano wilds show up on the reels you are in for a good time. The volcanoes will erupt and shoot out balls of fire that will land in random places across all 3 reels and all turn into wilds. As you can understand, this could lead to a whole bunch of big wins.

Bring Your Skills for the Special Features

Bonus games can be boring and simple but this game is nothing like it. Landing 3 or more of the bonus scatters will put you in front of 4 runestones where you will need to make a decision on which one gives you the best vibe. The following adventures are up for grabs: Safari Free Spin Bonus, Fossil Hunt, Mushroom Forest or Coin Win. Each of them deserves a shot so keep going back until you’ve found your favorite.

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Bones means Money

The Fossil Hunt is a job most of us will normally never get close to, but we told you this game is different. Collect as many shovels during your 3 spins as you can because the more the merrier and you will need them all. When putting the shovels to use, you will dig up fossil bones of a T-Rex and each find will get you a bigger and better payout. If you were lucky and got all the shovels earlier you can laugh all the way to the bank. The more bones you can discover, the more money you will get!

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Epic Adventure With Monster Payouts

We learned that the layouts of slots can look vastly different and be a ton of fun! More than that, this game proved our belief in the more the merrier, which is extremely evident in this slot in so many ways. Epic adventures with legendary wins will always be a winner in our eyes and this slot has it in abundance so we will continue to spin these reels and hunt down those flaming hot payouts!