Experience Fancy Moves and Epic Wins in Street Magic Slot

We must confess falling victims to the street magicians in San Francisco back in the day. Keeping track of that little ball underneath the cups seemed too easy of an opportunity to pass up. A classic case of if it seems too good to be true, it probably is. It didn’t cost us much money as we quickly came to our senses but we have seen many fall for the same trick over the years. Street Magic slot is a better version of this and it’s not a scam like these other so called street artists, as you can actually make a whole bunch of money.

Hold on to Your Watch

Perhaps it is Chris Angel that inspired the graphics to this game, played across 5 reels and 20 paylines. Play’N Go sure had something up their sleeve when creating this. The illusions are many and so are the symbols. The reels are filled with the typical handcuffs, pocket watch, ring, a sword and the mandatory four card suits. With a hypnotizing backdrop and music, you are sure to be captivated.


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The Wild Shuffle

This magician is on top of his craft and will put on a show as often as you will allow him. Land 2 of him on the reels and watch him work his magic hands and reward you with 4 random wilds, the Wild Shuffle. The wilds are ready to make you a quick buck and at times it can even be much more than you ever expected.

The Expanding Man

As most magicians, this guy also has quite an ego and doesn’t mind putting himself at the center of attention. Luckily we don’t mind and for his trick as the Expanding Man, he appears as stacked wilds only to make you even more cheddar. Keep it up, young buck!


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Never Gets Old

As you can see when spinning these reels, there are a lot of money to be made here. The features are many and watching the magicians fancy moves never gets old. Maybe it has something to do with knowing it will make the coins fall straight into your pockets. The 8-12 free spins you get from landing 3 of the magician symbol can boost your wallet with up to x5000 your original bet so who are we to critique his skills.


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Stamp of Approval

Maybe that trick we fell for all those years ago made us a better judge of characters when it comes to magic. Even though this guy still consider himself a street magician, he is still too good to ignore. Watch him throw cards around, wave his arms and try to distract you with his fancy moves while you sit back and relax and watch your stash grow even more. Yes, magicians and their outfits are cheesy as hell, but this guy has earned our stamp of approval.