What Are BitStarz Exclusive Games and How Do They Work?

Here at BitStarz, we keep banging on about BitStarz exclusive games, and it’s come to our attention that some of you have no clue what that even means. Well, that’s partly our bad as we never really explained it, but you could have piped up sooner!

Let us walk you through BitStarz exclusive games so you can find out exactly what they are, how they work and how you can play like a true VIP!

Exclusive Games are Exclusive to BitStarz

To make it as simple and easy to understand as possible, BitStarz exclusive games are exclusive to BitStarz for a limited time. This means that BitStarz is the only online casino in the world that currently has the game in question. So, when you’re in the lobby and you see a game with a green box on the artwork that reads “exclusive”, you know that the game can only be played at BitStarz – nowhere else. Treat yourself to the VIP experience and give this brand-new slot a whirl!


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They’re for All Our Players, Not Just VIPs

We don’t believe in making certain games available to only available to a certain group of players. That means that whether you’re a high roller turning over millions a week or a small stakes player turning over €5 a week, you will both have the same access to these amazing BitStarz exclusive games. Playing at BitStarz is all about feeling like a VIP and we give each and every player the same treatment – it’s like a family. Some other online casinos will only let their high rollers or VIPs play exclusive games, but we think that’s just madness and isn’t fair at all!

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We Love Developers and Developers Love Us

Now, when it comes to landing a brand-new BitStarz exclusive game for our wonderful players, we don’t go out and bribe developers. Instead, we work on forging amazing relationships with the very best game developers. In turn for this incredible friendship, developers will opt to give BitStarz usually two weeks’ worth of exclusivity on their latest games. For example, Nolimit City launched Tomb of Nefertiti slot at BitStarz on October 22nd, but it goes live on all other online casinos on November 5th That’s a whole two weeks’ worth of exclusivity, something we know you love as a player!

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Some of Our Biggest Wins Come from Exclusive Games

Ever wanted to become a multimillionaire by spinning the reels? Well, we made that dream come true for one lucky player who was spinning the reels on a BitStarz exclusive game. Back in January we saw Jade Valley launch as a BitStarz exclusive. Then less than a month later, the exclusive Jade Valley paid out a whopping 38.48 BTC – the largest Bitcoin win at BitStarz at the time. That huge win is worth $354,121 at the time of writing, a pretty huge win for one spin!

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So, now you know all about the wonderful world of BitStarz exclusive games, why not try out a few. Tomb of Nefertiti is one of the best Egyptian themed games we’ve seen so far this year, and 40 Lucky Fruits slot packs a juicy max win of 2,000x your stake. Stop playing like a regular joe and start living the VIP life with BitStarz and our collection of exclusive games – we’re not the Players Choice Casino for no reason!